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  1. Thanks for the detailed response. I'm using max2020 if you could send me the update that would be brilliant! David
  2. Hi, Thanks Eduard for getting back on the last topic. On my next plant I'm stuck on generating a distributor pattern like below. I've attached an image showing the bush I'm trying to duplicate as well. I'm starting off with a surface distributer (a rectangular polygon), and I want to vary both the orientation and the height of the distributer splines as per the diagram, so: - the closer you are to the edge the shorter the path is - the orientation of the splines goes out in a radial path from the centre. The Point distributer looks promising, but only seems to provide a circular pattern. Any ideas?
  3. I've got it to this stage, which isn't bad, which will hopefully work at a distance.
  4. I've got the offset working now, but the strands are offset by a fixed amount, and the trunk has a taper, so the strands at the top float outside the mesh. There's no graph function to change this over it's length though.
  5. I'm doing a joshua tree, which has long strands on it's trunk. When I try to add geo to the trunk it applies it at the centre, and if I apply an offset , it moves the leaves up and down rather than in or out. I know it's possible to do, as a company is selling this item in a collection including the speedtree file.
  6. I would be interested in seeing a user page, where growfx users can upload and share plants they have made. GrowFx would be much more valuable with a wide range of plant library objects. thanks 3d-dave.blogspot.com
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    Is this growfx?!!!
  8. Thanks for putting the plant library on the website, it helps immensely to have proper plants to experiment with. It would be great if you could make a page on the website for all users to put on their own plant creations! It would really add value to this great software. Anyway, this is what I've done so far with the demo. cheers David 3d-dave.blogspot.com
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