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  1. Hi ! When GrowFX 2.0 BETA was released - I bought it. Some months ago - I wanted to install it on 3ds max 2021 and was told that my license had expired and that I needed to buy a maintenance subscription. (although it was was not mentioned at all when I upgraded ) - I declined and GrowFX agreed to refund my money. When I wanted to install the previous version 1.99 - It told me that the serial I have is invalid. I read that the software may be used even if I am not using the maintenance plan. Why can't I get it to work ? Cheers Nir
  2. Eduard hi File is attached. Nir Small Bush GroFX 2.zip
  3. Hi I tried assinging a Vray MultiSubTex to the leaves and even though they only had material ID numbers ranging from 2-6 - number 3 got the material which was assinged to the trunk ( mat ID 1) Any idea how to solve it ? Does GrowFX support this map ? NIR
  4. Hi I installed the program on my workstation and the render nodes plugins on the render nodes (7 in total). Upon rendering - the nodes did not render the GFX plant. All the other plugins work OK so this is something wityhg the GrowFX program. Any idea ? NIR
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