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  1. any news when it will be released ?
  2. just saw the black friday sales, there is nothing to read about Maintenance! my growfx 2 Maintenance ends tomorrow, if i rebuy(not extend) i have no Maintenance anymore? is this correct(cause i only need Individual License with updates-working alone)? or is there the growfx 2 not included? i`m confussed....nothing to read there..
  3. i had the same problem with some growfx file , i merged them into a new file and resaved it , after that it didn`t crash anymore while loading also using vray 5 and 3dsmax 2021
  4. just did a small test & everything was working with no errors (forrest --> animation->follow Geometry used) in my test i cached everything to 1 file about wind, i would use the ereaser direction modifier in each path to simplify your tree for faster simulation time when everything looks fine , just disable it and test the whole tree do not forget to animate the Phase!
  5. using the name you should name it gfx = $`growfx001` if you have spaces in your name, you get errors without those Grave key ( ` ) another way is: q=getcurrentselection() then your selection is saved to your varialble q (examplename, you could name it something else), this is much faster than working with your selection ($ == selected object) you also have also access to your object if you haven`t select it. for example if you have a sphere q.radius gives you the sphere radius. to get the posibilities what commands you can do without looking into h
  6. ... would be cool if both will be installed..... hope that fixes are not important for the rendernode ?
  7. this i cannot uncheck because it crashes, but after merge it is checked and working, also if i uncheck... i can load the file in both states
  8. since the rendernode installation is not fixxed , and some bugfixxes are done at how to install best? copy growfx_old.dlo from main workstation to the rendernode? or do i have license problems then , because it`s not the rendernode version?
  9. converting has a little different path length , giving a chain reaction cross the pathes (of cause affection distibution points), but deformation looks from what i see the same ( till now )
  10. hmm if i open it in max , it crashess(v2021) if i merge it, everything is ok. converting works also here loading merged resaved file also worked, just wondered...
  11. this is also one from the libary , but cleaned and resaved some time ago Abies Balsamea.max
  12. took some time to be able to test (running Projects), but today i had some time: Most of the trees are loading and converting, but are still a bit different after convertion others crash max while loading the max file... just realized : those plants crash also in the (non beta), don`t know in which version & max version they are created ... but they loaded in these days without error! Merging them fixed the crash.... resave the max file after merging also fixed the loading crash.. (also tested in beta) also realized connecting those direction
  13. i rechecked on my side: i uninstalled growfx , checked that c:\Program Files\Exlevel\GrowFX_3dsMax_2020\ is deleted reinstalled it, with no luck.... convertion to v2 crashes don`t know what i`m doing wrong ....
  14. Sorry for late answer, since every plant crashes and most i tested are from the plant library, heres 1 link i redownloaded and tested again in max 2020 and 2021 with no luck:
  15. i downloaded v2beta today again and tested some things,... every tree i converted crashed max missing distorded lines (line mode) with after mesh direction modifiers ( comparing to v1.9.9) are you adding these in the final build? would be not so great to toss them :/
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