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  1. i downloaded v2beta today again and tested some things,... every tree i converted crashed max missing distorded lines (line mode) with after mesh direction modifiers ( comparing to v1.9.9) are you adding these in the final build? would be not so great to toss them :/
  2. in V2 rendernodes are not working , so i rolled back to 1.99 sp9 and everything is fine again
  3. testing everything atm and the new Version is looking very nice! Thanks, for your fast response
  4. How do i convert a tree to V2 per script? i saw the convert button in 1.9.9 sp9 , is it possible?
  5. wow! nice! a 3dsmax 2017 version would be great thanks!
  6. would be nice if you could implement them, maybe not today but soon would be great
  7. i have a bunch of files i want to mass script some things: -set the cache on -set a file -record (-then i save my file ) tryed searchin growfx help and the "show $" comand , but nothing is it accessable? thx Thorsten
  8. for me atm the verify mail goes to nirvana, account activation not possible
  9. Hi Eduard, project finished and Problem solved with meshed/vrayproxy version, for 1 image DR is faster than backburner. i had some 3dsmax bug in beginning of the project i solved this with this --> http://area.autodesk...too_much_memory loading a save selected max file with 1 chamferbox and your 16gb ram are full ..... after running the script in my Project scene i had 2gb in ram, savefile was going down from 1gb to 78mb but this i got fixxed with this. perhaps something was wrong with this scene or the scene and vray DR i tried to reproduce everything with a new scene and now everything is working i know my hedge is a huge model , but it`s a very beautiful i think *gg*. Thanks for your help
  10. Did some more tests: -Backburner render is working correkt on all machines -if i reduce the distribution path level from x to 1 Distributed Rendering is working..... i attached a test scene (without oak tree , but with another trouble making plant ) yours Thorsten hecke.rar
  11. using vray with distributed rendering, 2nd machine is a i7 2700k 16gb ram so it should be not too small for this task , but i will do some tests later to be shure yours Thorsten
  12. Now i have also problems, used the "Oak_1.max" tree from user libary rendernodes not rendering had another tree which was also not rendering, another did, so i searched a bit and found: if i reduce the distribution path level from x to 1 they are working..... newest downloadable rendernode installed :/ yours Thorsten
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