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  1. Can you give a tutorial? It seems feasible but I can’t do it. The difficulty is that I can’t fit the shape of the rhizome.
  2. It looks okay, but it will be bad to move Please point out my operation error Thank you _2020-04-07_21-19-52-117.mp4
  3. I think this is a new bug,sent email After the update, the baking is disabled and cannot be stabilized on the animation surface, What used to be good is not good now,FOR MAX2019
  4. for max 2019 Is this a new bug? Is this parameter invalid, or is it my operation problem? test.max
  5. This picture is still difficult to understand, look forward to the video tutorial
  6. GrowFX 2.0 FOR max2019 Update date: March 18, 2020 Bugs that appear after the update, before the update is ok Cannot bake 3 Cannot bake.max
  7. I see after the update, is there a tutorial or instructions for this new node?
  8. Older versions will have a few more options and can be cached normally,but I can't go back
  9. I use GrowFX 2.0.0 (Beta) MAX2019. When I export the cache, it will crash every time, but I use the official case to grow the fruit tree. It is possible to export the cache using the old version method. Is it because the node method does not support cache?Also no single file save animation
  10. 源语言: 英语 1003/5000 源语言: 英语 1009/5000 "Use Vertice" is fine, "Generate points on Fa" is not fine, It ’s all done in the end, is this normal?
  11. Thank you How can i grow in the direction i want
  12. sorry,I do n’t know what went wrong, it became like this after Bake Direction, it ’s more serious test07.mov
  13. Why isn't anything displayed and what's changed?
  14. How to stabilize on animated surfaces? GROWFX 2.0 MAX2019 test05.mov
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