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  1. 源语言: 英语 1003/5000 源语言: 英语 1009/5000 "Use Vertice" is fine, "Generate points on Fa" is not fine, It ’s all done in the end, is this normal?
  2. Thank you How can i grow in the direction i want
  3. sorry,I do n’t know what went wrong, it became like this after Bake Direction, it ’s more serious test07.mov
  4. Why isn't anything displayed and what's changed?
  5. How to stabilize on animated surfaces? GROWFX 2.0 MAX2019 test05.mov
  6. Please try more people to see if it will crash
  7. As soon as I grow up, it will collapse. I want it to grow along the body, but it will collapse as soon as I get back. I can't continue. Can anyone help me? There is also a question, how to grow on moving people? max2019,GrowFX1.9.9SP9 test05-塌陷.max
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