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  1. Hi Eduard, I had the same problem in 3DS Max 2014, i just redownload the newest version GrowFX (May, 29th). Max will crash when i open vertex color panel
  2. If you add two position and set them "Positions %" to 100, the only parameter you can control just "Angle Axis", unless you set this two position the different "Positions %" and control them through "Parameter:Path position" Random can't offer a accurate control. Let me quote a example of L-System In this example, we define two variables( A, B ) and two rules (A → AB), (B → A) A and B can set different parameter ( such as length, bend angle ) , and A can derive A and B , B just can derive A , this can't realized in GrowFX, because GrowFX just has one rule (A → AA) , the different is GrowFX can offer some random settings, but the level that derived from A still himself (A)
  3. Hi Eduard, Is it possible to add L-System simulated for "Path position distributor", "Path position distributor" just a very simple parallel rewriting system now, it can just add one rule at the same positions, just like below ( Branch is defined as "A"): You will see "Path position distributor" can just simulated itself, it flow the rule A→AA But we can custom lots of rules with L-System. You can reference these links below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L-system http://algorithmicbotany.org/papers/#abop This function will offer more customizable for GrowFX
  4. The mesh need export to realflow to resolving, can't do this in 3ds max . The plugin for 3ds max just used import Realflow data to 3ds max. It seems can found a good way to export animation to other software.
  5. This is not working Realflow doesn't support import obj as sequence. but still thanks for your reply!
  6. Does there have some methods to export grow animation to other software? I need to export grow animation to Realflow to do some fluid. When i export FBX animtion ,it shows need editable mesh.
  7. Thank your ! every update are full of sincerity
  8. If i add some random direction modifiers ,The rule of direction will be disrupted.,Hope this can be solved Eduard's method is not conducive to add wind parameter
  9. That's cool, i never thought that GrowFX can make this ,A real eye-opener
  10. Hello everyone, i'm a 3d worker form China, i'm making and selling some wind animation plants model with GrowFX, We will offer GrowFX source files. This is my website www.maxtree.org website has Chinese and English version. A short demo: https://vimeo.com/73923783
  11. You can develop a function let the sub-path to identify parent-path as it doesn't add any modifier。it just like "cheat" ,we can adjust value to control mixing
  12. Hi, there is a plant i created in GrowFX. it's looks good ,every branches interval are uniform distribution. but when i add "Noise" modifier on "trunk",you will see some "branch1" changed their direction. some place become a big hole,and some place the branch cross together. i know this will let the trees looks natural. but,in fact ,The trees in order to get enough sun light.they will change the direction of branch to let it fill the hole. the branch and leaf will distribution on average without human intervention. Can you develop a new function to reduce the modifiers in parent-path effect sub-path? or some function to control "path" distribution on average! I always use a lots of time to adjust branches to let the trees looks plump at every angle. As you can see , the trees will grow like shape "1" not shape "2"。but now ,if i add "Noise" modifier in GrowFX, it will looks like shape"2"
  13. Hi Eduard. i found some bug of Affects. there is a tree . i want let "branch2" change start position and density along trunk. i add a Affect control start position and density in branch1.but it doesn't work. i created another sample tree set the same parameter.it's worked. bug.max
  14. Hi,this is my recent work , i test it in 3dsmax with octanerender. not post yet.
  15. Oh,i see ,i never noticed this parameter.....thanks for your prompt
  16. Hi Eduard, i found a strange thing. i try to make example2 , i setup all the parameters as same as example2.but i got some different result. I made it in growfx 1.92 . CopyDir_Example_2-delet parameter.max
  17. Sure, i think the steps of path need to be improved. add a average control. it's control by distance now. If i add a chaos value,it will shows a different steps
  18. Thanks Eduard, i have used the update for almost one month ,just found this two days ago. Can you share your example files? i want take a look with them!
  19. Hi,i hope Exlevel team can develop a new leaf mesh type ,to solve some special leaf type ,just like cleft leaf and lotus leaf. i know some people use opacity map to solve.but i think most people don't like use opacity map.that will slow down render. This is what i thinking.
  20. Wow.that's project was excited. There were also some people use GrowFx to do low polygon plants for Game.
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