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  1. Finally, I solved it. It was a problem in the hierarchy on one of the branches. I used a tree I bought from Viz Park, and one of the variations had Vector_dir over Random_dir in direction modifiers on one of the branches. The other branches had it the opposite way. Changing order of Vector and Random on that branch fixed the problem. (in case someone else run into this.) The strange thing is that this was not an issue until last week where we changed cpu and ram on the renderfarm. Only after that switch the jitter started..!
  2. Tried to bake out a cache. That solved the problem on the wind being calculated differently on the rendernodes, BUT now the first frame is black, with the tree missing in the render.
  3. Tried to replace the wind helper with a new one, but same result...
  4. Hi I'm doing a scene where we have the problem that one of the trees is behaving differently on the three render nodes than on my workstation. I'm trying to trouble shoot it, but so far no luck. I have tried the following: - Downloaded the latest release of the plugin - reinstall the latest version of the plugin on all machines - rebooted all machines - checked that windows versions are the same. If I render only using the three render nodes, it looks good. If I render only on the workstation, it also looks good. But if I use all nodes, it starts to jitter a lot. (on only one of the 3 trees.) What could be the cause of this? Any ideas? Thanks Martin
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