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  1. Hey GFX Team, It would be nice if there is a search bar in the User Manual web page. It will make navigation and user experience faster and much easier Thank for your hard work! Best, tiptop234
  2. Hi Eduard, Thanks for the detailed reply. Okay. I understand the situation with the old interface and I like the setting windows in the right panel of the editor. Can't wait for those tutorials! Best of luck on the battlefield against all the bugs!
  3. Hi Exlevel team, The new node based interface is really nice. I'd like to congratulate you on that! The following suggestion came to my mind: Just like the material editor in 3ds max has a slate material editor and compact material editor mode, it would be nice to have that in GrowFX too. There are times when each has it's advantages. The next suggestion I have is related to the growth of GrowFX as a product: GrowFX is really, really powerful tool. At the moment in my opinion it lacks a good amount of well made tutorials (take Itoo as one example,they have a good amount and nice tutorials on their site). No one has ever rejected a well made and structured tutorial with voice in English, full of information, concise and to the point (like the tutorials of Jesse Pitela, RedefineFX). In my personal opinion an investment in making a rich section of nice tutorials would highly attract new GrowFX artists as it will show better the power of this software. I am familiar with the current tutorial section of the site. But a new library of tutorials would come right in place especially now after you have added the node based user interface. These are just two ideas which you probably have already thought about. It is up to you whether to consider them and/or set a specific priority to them. Thank you for this amazing product and the effort you constantly put into it and your service.
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