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  1. Thanks Eduard, I re-made the tree library today by re-point caching with the new grow fx version installed and things are working now. Sure wish that installer was the one I downloaded last week before I wasted a frustrating weekend though! Cheers
  2. Hi Eduard, Have just purchased GrowFx this week for a huge project due soon and am getting crazy results in vray next using vray proxy with point cache & Max 2020 My workflow (with Maxtree libraries) is: 1.) Optimise trees down to around 250k polys (reducing leaf density, swapping metameshes to cylinders, optimizing faces and increasing steps on branches) 2.) Add wind modifiers to aftermesh 3.) Record animation with point cache (100 frames) 4.) remove point cache, convert growfx to mesh then to vray proxy mesh 6.) Paste point cache back on the VrMesh In the attached video you can see the issues when rendering. Its far better when doing a viewport render, but still has the odd branch disappearing Do you have any idea why this happening? The library scene render also has far fewer issues than the project scene render. The only changes in the project scene are proxy rotation & scale. They are all instanced in there. I have to use proxies and point cache to keep the scene manageable. I still need to add a few more shrub and tree types to this scene but after my first overnight test render, I'm hesitant to keep going with this workflow with such unpredictable results. Cheers. GrowFx_AnimationIssues.mp4
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