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  1. Hi I am using max 2020 and thanks for the info on the animation looping period. It's an old topic but the meta mesh takes a long time also. From reading the forum, I believe that it's due to only one thread being used to calculate it - is this still the case? Thanks N
  2. Hi I'm creating an animated tree and the cache files are rather large, 320 mb x 250 frames. Also, I cannot create a Point Cache file due to the usual two errors. When I export to a vray animated proxy, it doesn't bake the animation. Is there a way to see the poly count for each path so that I can optimise each branch, twig etc..? The max file is attached, if someone at Exlevel could have a look, I would appreciate it. Thanks NTree.zip
  3. Hi I'm trying to replicate the fern mesh along a spline in the iToo tutorial. I have tried this numerous times in Growfx but can't see to get it to work. If anyone knows how to do this, it would be appreciated if you could let me know. Thanks N
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