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  1. paresh

    SPAM email

    i am getting this error after download progress completes 100% its solved.
  2. paresh

    SPAM email

    hello Eduard , i want to update from sp8 to sp9 , but now i cant find the mail which has download button , because it was in spam folder its deleted automatically in 30 days . should i download demo from site and install it?
  3. paresh

    SPAM email

    oh , then sorry Eduard
  4. occasionally i check my spam folder , today i found an email that says GrowFX 1.9.9 SP9 Available Now i am attaching the screenshot below . i suspected it because it was in spam folder , so i came here and checked if SP9 released or not ? and found its not been released yet. so its a SPAM. this post is just for the information , if it helps ExLevel or users someway.
  5. hello eduard , its not happening now. i am done making one tree , and i want to make variation by clicking seed , but sometimes branches pass through trunk , how to avoid it?
  6. hello , just got growfx yesterday , today i am exploring it and got 3ds max crash white using trim modifier , i added trim modifier and clicked on (lines) , and 3ds max crashed , i checked it 2nd time to confirm , but it crashes , ( i was in mesh mode ) ( 3ds max 2018) 2nd crash : exlevel - growfx - created growfx object - ctrl+z = crash
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