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  1. Hey all, I am trying to skinwrap a mesh to my animated growfx tree. Unfortunately this doesnt work (because it is not really a mesh, but a procedural system?). So I am trying to pointcache the tree, but it won't do it, because there is a change in the pointcount. All that's animated on the growfx system is a wind animation, no vertices are beeing generated. I turned optimize off in all my growfx meshes. Any idea what could cause the pointcount change? Thanks!
  2. Hi Eduard, sorry it took me a while to get back to this. Download worked but I am still on growfx 1.6.0. Your file is newer. Any chance this can be converted into 1.6.0? If not, nevermind. Maybe you can give me a short description of what you did. Thanks! -- EDIT: Nevermind, 1.7.0 is my current version now!
  3. Thanks Eduard! For some reason I cant download the file. It says something with internal server error.
  4. Hey Eduard, thanks for your reply! I attached a maxfile with an example. Vertex color is just a couple of vertex paint modifiers and I animate each ones opacity. growingGrass_Example.max
  5. Hello there, I am animating grass growing on a plane and the density is based on vertex color. This works fine, but my vertex color map is actually animated: the plane starts out black and the white vertex color blends in, starting at the border of the plane and creeping towards the plane center. I also use an instanced mesh for the grass, this mesh has a grow animation. The problem I have is that I can not trigger this animation in the above setup with the animated vertex color. It uses the global grow animation, it doesn't start the animation when a single blade of grass starts to grow because of the vertex map. Is there a way to do that? Suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks guys!
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