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    Pine Forest

    Hi All, Had a little bit of spare time so I did another non-architectural scene. Not a building to be seen All flora made with GrowFX & distributed through the scene with Forest Pro. Cheers Jamie
  2. You will find a Vray proxy is approx the same size as a mesh. All a Vray proxy does is convert the mesh to a different format for easier use in vray. The amount of vertices is exactly the same. Cheers
  3. No...they are just short branches that use metamesh to add them to the trunk] see the topic below for more info Cheers http://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/248-creating-hollow-branches/
  4. It's all in the power of the AFFECTS parameter. Just set up an affects parameter to change the opening of the buds...randomly or sequentially. Every single plant or tree I build uses affects parameter in some way or other......it is the true power of GrowFX Cheers
  5. Had a bit of a test using Cryengine......It's certainly a lot of work to make a low-poly plant/tree for games...growFX makes things easier for sure, but there is still a lot of manual work to be done due to the very strict requirements of real-time games. I think I am going to continue with making high-Quality models instead as that's what GrowFX is best at anyway! Also testing some tree's in lumion.....seems to handle High poly tree's better I'll post some snapshots soon Cheers Jamie
  6. As usual...GrowFX can make ANYTHING!
  7. Thanks I think I went a bit over the top in post production, but I was trying to produce something very different from my usual boring Arch-viz lighting. Cheers Jamie
  8. Thanks I am working on some material at the moment. Taking much longer than expected due to too much work, but it should be ready soon. Cheers Jamie
  9. Thanks! Building the trees was relatively quick thanks to GrowFX I was testing building low poly trees which I had never done before, so I wasn't keeping on eye on the time. Just lots of testing different techniques, to find what works. Good textures & materials are very important to producing nice looking trees & plants & I often spend more time getting textures & materials right than actually building the form. Once the flora was finished I spent about an hour to create the scene and populate it using Forest Pro.[Most of that time was tweaking different materials, lights, & environment,fog, etc. Rendered with Vray 2.3 Cheers Jamie
  10. Hi All, Here are a few renders of a scene for personal R&D work. Alley of Platane trees through a lavender farm Cheers Jamie 3DMK
  11. Hi All, WIP render of an Australian Banksia plant. Not happy with the flowers yet....more work needed Cheers Jamie Australian Plants - Banksia
  12. Hi all, Just another quick render Small Herb Flowers - Mountain Thyme Cheers Jamie
  13. Thanks Eduard I agree it's only useful for certain things, so don't put it high on the to-do-list
  14. Hi Eduard, Just wondering if it would be possible to have an option to toggle the Visibility of layers??? Child paths need the parent path to be on but it would be nice to turn off it's visibility. See attached screenshot Thanks again for all your great help. Cheers Jamie
  15. GrowFX trees & plants from a recent project. Cheers Jamie
  16. Hi All, Just doing some testing of Game style 3D Trees & plants......Rendered in Vray.......I will post an example of them in a game engine when I get the software sorted out. All trees & plants are low poly for a game engine. C&C welcome. Cheers Jamie
  17. Hi Eduard, It would be great to have an angle axis option for the zigzag modifier so that you could change the zigzag from up & down to side to side or other angles[ Similar to the Angle-axis option you added for the leaf mesh recently] Thanks again for your great software & support Cheers Jamie
  18. 3DMK


    Cool...Nice work
  19. I used the cool new copy path modifier & gave it an offset the same as the trunk radius so it's all parametric cheers
  20. There was a few hours of testing different things & seeing what worked & what didn't, but now I know what I am doing it should only take 15-20 mins to make stuff like this. cheers
  21. 3DMK

    GrowFX 1.9.5 Released

    Hi Eduard, Just wondering if it's possible to implement the awesome Distance to camera feature on the SURFACE DISTRIBUTOR??? I think it will be a great option for doing things like for example; grass over a large area where detail far away is not needed Thanks again for the great updates Cheers Jamie
  22. I think this update will really help to make much better shape trees.....Thanks again for the update Eduard
  23. 3DMK

    GrowFX 1.9.5 Released

    As usual......a totally awesome update!!!!! Thanks again for all your hard work Eduard......we all really appreciate it. Jamie
  24. The vertex colour works fine it's just that when converting to a mesh 3dsmax takes the default off turning Vertex colours off. You need to go to object properties of the mesh & turn on display colours to see the vertex colours . Hope this helps
  25. Yes...GrowFX can make almost anything you can imagine The more you use GrowFX the more you can see what it's capable of. Cheers Jamie
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