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  1. Hi Eduard, Just wondering if it's possible to implement a new feature to make it possible for the leaves mesh & the standard leaves mesh to create a 2-sided leaf??? Could it be as easy as having the GrowFX object duplicate the leaf & just Flip the normals?? As usual, I know nothing about programming Many 3D game engines still require 2 sided polygons & it's really slow & painful to have to manually do this. You need to duplicate the entire GrowFX object, then turn off all the mesh creators except the leaves, then put a normals modifier on it, then do a edit mesh modifier on the original tree & attach the other mesh with the leaves that have flipped normals. As you can see it is quite a long process that could be completely removed by having a simple button/check-box that creates the duplicate leaf & flips the normal. I think this would make GrowFX much more user-friendly & much faster for people making trees/plants for games/low-poly. Cheers Jamie
  2. I had this a little while ago and I think it may be related to the graphics card drivers?? [the reason being that some get this bug & some don't] Have you tried a different graphics driver version?? Hope this helps Jamie
  3. Hi Eduard, This sort of thing would be great for the plant-part presets we talked about a while ago. Just small parts of a plant that have specific geometry such as this, alternate leaves, opposite leaves, etc. Cheers Jamie
  4. Hi All, Here is my latest version of the plant - Bird Of Paradise - Strelitzia Reginae. This plant is also for sale Contact me for more info if you're interested. Cheers Jamie
  5. Another idea I had for a little while that relates to this- Would it be possible to have some control over which IG mesh is used over the length of the path, rather than just random percentages??? An example would be when you make some custom mesh flowers that are at different stages of opening. Rather than make 4 different paths with the 4 different meshes, you could just have one path and the IG mesh window/parameters would control the use which mesh to use over the length of the path. It would be much less work if it's possible to implement this, especially if you had 8 custom meshes. Here is an example IG Mesh 1 = Start at 0% & finish at 20% IG Mesh 2= Start at 21% & finish at 40% IG Mesh 3 = Start at 41% & finish at 70% IG Mesh 4 = Start at 71% & finish at 100% Cheers Jamie
  6. +1 vote from me too!! especially with detailed plants
  7. Thanks Eduard! Here is another angle Cheers Jamie
  8. Hi All, Just creating a few scenes to show off the plants & trees I will be selling on my website soon. C&C welcome. Also let me know if you would like/need to purchase any models before my website is ready to go live. This can be organised if you let me know what you require. All the best Jamie 3DMK- TreeLine
  9. Hi All, Here are a couple of renders of a plant I made for a recent job. It's a climbing Vine/ground cover called Star Jasmine - Trachelospermum jasminoides C&C welcome Cheers Jamie
  10. 3DMK

    GrowFX 1.9.8 Released

    Thanks again for another Great Update Eduard!!! The new Trim tool is absolutely awesome...well done. Also Copy & Paste of graphs saves a huge amount of time & helps get things perfect such as offsets. As usual.....the best software with the best support....keep up the great work Cheers Jamie
  11. Awesome addition.....now we will have even more control over the creation of trees & plants. Thanks again Eduard! Jamie
  12. +1 for faster multithreading of meta-mesh calculation. I know nothing about programing but I am sure it is a very difficult problem to try & solve. Cheers Jamie
  13. The trunk is a separate Path. The Bough & branches levels path start from the end of this path. Cheers
  14. Just finished making some plants for a Lumion user. They are a lot more high poly than things I made for Cry-engine but Lumion can handle them OK. Not getting a very good frame rate due to the extra polys but it's not important to have this as most things are output as rendered movies anyway. C&C welcome Cheers Jamie
  15. 3DMK

    Large Park area

    Hi All, Here are a couple of renders of a recent project. It's a large park area with a lake for a new housing estate. Everything built with GrowFX & distributed through the scene with Forest Pro Cheers Jamie
  16. You may have issues with the version of Forest Pro you are using as it should work fine. Have a look at this video demo of using GrowFX & forest Pro with animation. I have also tested it and it works fine I am using Forest Pro 4.1.3 & GrowFX 1.9.6 Hope this helps
  17. I agree the eraser/ trim modifier was a great addition to GrowFX. Thanks again Eduard!! +1 for the option to trim path at a certain percentage...I also thought it would be good idea after recently using the Eraser/Trim a lot. Cheers Jamie
  18. Approximately 1 million polygons. It's difficult to make a large tree with good quality for much less than that. It is also using leaf planes to minimize the polygon count Cheers
  19. Hi All, I have been using GrowFX for a while now & have been reluctant to use the levels option due to my habit of building separate paths for each branch. Using levels seems to give a better looking tree, although you need to use the Level affects parameters to control the growth & form. Here is a test I did. C&C welcome Cheers Jamie
  20. Hi All, Dreaming of laying on the soft white sand back home in Australia. Beach Spinifex Grass & casurina equestifolia tree [she oak] made with growFX. The grass is using an object reaction modifier to grow along the surface of the sand geometry. Cheers Jamie
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