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  1. Hi All, Some renders of an outdoor Green wall I made recently. Plants made with GrowFX and distributed with Forest Pro. Cheers Jamie
  2. Hi All, Here is one of my latest trees. Araucaria cunninghamii - Hoop Pine The leaves are using planes with alpha textures as it was not practical to create the leaves as a 3d mesh. Cheers Jamie 3dmk - TreeLine
  3. Hi All, Testing some flower making of Australian native flora. Australian flora have such unique flowers that it is certainly a challenge compared to common flower types. The flower on the left is immature and the flower on the right is the mature version of the flower after the pistil has opened. Cheers Jamie 3dmk - TreeLine
  4. Hi All, Finished off another tree species the other day. Caesalpinia ferrea - Leopard Tree The last tree on the far right was made for those Archviz clients who still want to see their building through the trees. Cheers Jamie
  5. Hi All, just finished making the classic indoor plant - Dieffenbachia C&C welcome Cheers Jamie 3dmk - TreeLine
  6. Hi all, Just finished improving my Platane trees [Platanus acerifolia] from the following scene https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/356-alley-of-platane-trees-through-a-lavender-farm/?hl=platane These trees are now for sale so contact me if you are interested Kind regards Jamie 3dmk - TreeLine
  7. Nice work! Love the Volume fog Cheers Jamie
  8. 3DMK

    Frangipani Tree

    Hi All, Here are my versions of the classic and widely used Frangipani Tree. C&C welcome. Cheers Jamie
  9. Hi All, A quick render of a Jacaranda mimosifolia. It's not the exact shape of the tree, but has been modified to fit into a specific space within a Archviz scene. Cheers Jamie EDIT--- Attached another render of the More classic Jacaranda shape
  10. Thanks so much for another AWESOME update Eduard! I can't keep up with all the new tools you are implementing ....and how many updates can we get for free!!! [you can stop now] I think GrowFX is the best value software I have EVER purchased.without doubt Can't wait to finish my Archviz work & have a play with these cool new features. on Behalf of ALL users...thanks again Jamie
  11. Thanks for the kind words Roland. Although I would like to do more tutorials like I did the last couple of years I am just way too busy to do any more. There is no special secretes to how I made the tree, just a lot of good references, time & patience. [Take a look at the original post with new whitecard/clay render] I am actually really hopeless with maths and other technical things but I have a good eye for understanding what things should look like like. Often I just tweak things until I get it right, with usually a few complete failures along the way....hence the need for patience. The best advice really is to get a good basic understanding of how things work in GrowFX...test EVERYTHING & play as much as you can...& have fun....that's how I got to where I am Cheers Jamie
  12. Thanks for the kind comments Eduard! .....& thanks for making such awesome software I have attached a white-card render to show it is 3D for others I look forward to making lots of trees like this for sale this year & I am sure people will soon notice the quality & versatility of GrowFX a lot more:) Cheers Jamie
  13. Hi All, Here is a Close-up render to show one of my latest trees. - Elaeocarpus-eumundi - Smooth Leaved Quandong. Thanks again to Eduard for implementing the Vertex colours. I couldn't have made this tree look good without it! The colours are slightly different to the reference photo although the colours do vary a lot with this tree depending on the growth stage of the new leaves, and also with each individual tree. Cheers Jamie
  14. Hi Eduard, Happy New Year and thanks so much again for all your support over the last year Hope you have a good rest Cheers Jamie
  15. As usual.... Paul gave you a completely in-depth & honest opinion from a seasoned user. Thanks Paul...it will save Eduard's valuable programming time. If you are a detail freak then I would recommend GrowFX as it can create details on top of details on top of details....and EVERYTHING is able to be tweaked/changed. If you are a Archviz guy who often has a lack of time then I would still recommend GrowFX. Although it can create very complex models it is also user friendly with UV mapping automatically assigned, [or it can be over-ridden by the user very quickly and easily as it has a very good set of tools for easily tweaking/changing UV's.] Although I have never seen the foliage generator in max 2015 I really doubt a NEW software could compete with the years & years of development that has gone into GrowFX. also if foliage generator is shipped with, or is an Autodesk product...don't expect ANY support from those money hungry pigs....and expect a lot of problems Just have a look on the forum here to see the unbelievable level of support you get as a GrowFX customer and the level of customer satisfaction. Never have I seen this level of support in nearly 10 years of using different programs. Cheers Jamie
  16. 3DMK

    Contry house

    Great Work Sanex! Love the lighting and details. Only critic is the plants/trees are a bit too even in colour. Try some Vertex Colours for variation Cheers Jamie
  17. Nice Work Tora! Makes me want to go for a swim/surf
  18. and as you can also see, the level of support offered by GrowFX is UNMATCHABLE. I think you just got more help in this one thread than most other software companies provide in an entire lifetime of use. +10 For everyone to aknowledge such great support that saves us all lots of money, time and Frustration and keep trying Roland...you're doing well for a starter Cheers Jamie
  19. Thanks for the tip Tora I was aware of that but it still had too much area to alpha-clip, & as you know every extra second of render time saved is very important to some people, especially those doing animations. It also has the benefit of being able to turn the alpha off if the plant is only in the distance/background. Jamie
  20. 3DMK TreeLine - Philodendron -Xanadu Hi All, Another render of the latest tree I made for purchase. Although I originally made it using the leaf mesh in GrowFX I found that ray-tracing was too slow with all the alpha mapping in the texture. So I decided to build a custom leaf mesh that was closer to the alpha texture & it rendered much faster....ohh how I hate modeling by hand. Anyway the result was well worth the effort as it rendered much faster and you can even turn the alpha channel if the plant is far enough away from the camera. So remember that sometimes modeling things by hand, such as leaves & flowers is sometimes necessary and that's why the IG MESH is there for us to use. [iG MESH can now also create instances in the latest version] GrowFX was also used to create the actual leaf texture as well as it was impossible to scan or photograph a real leaf properly Hope this helps Jamie
  21. I also agree that it could use improvement as I have noticed the same thing +1 Thanks
  22. Thanks so much again Eduard for you amazing speed in adding new features! GrowFX is truly incomparable. I would love to try it out! Thanks again Jamie
  23. Thanks heaps Eduard!! Hope it's not too much work Cheers Jamie
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