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  1. Really Nice render
  2. You need to use Vray 2-Sided Material to achieve this. Set the Translucency to black.
  3. Version 1.8


    This is the max file that accompanies the Tutorial below
  4. EDUARD - "but in the near future we'll try to change the meta mesh algorithm to fix this problem." I have also had this problem of stepping as well....I look forward to the update Thanks Jamie
  5. Thanks heaps for this update Eduard.....much appreciated
  6. Hi all, Just a few snapshots of my new GrowFX products that have been recently added to my Online shop. All these products are made with GrowFX, so they can be adjusted to suit your needs Kind regards Jamie Kerr 3dmk Treeline
  7. I am also not a huge fan of Node interfaces.....but in the case of GrowFX it may be quicker/better? GrowFX objects have a lot of relationships especially if you use the Affects a lot, and I think this important function gets lost on people due to the fact the linkages are not initially visible. You just don't get that visual linkage that may help a lot of people. Many people have trouble with the current interface and many don't use GrowFX because of it, so it may be better for a lot of people out there. I believe the future of GrowFX is awesome...the same way it is at the present
  8. This method works fine & is the way I have been doing it for a while now with great results
  9. Hi Eduard, On behalf of all GrowFX customers I would like to thank you for your fantastic support over the last year. Hope you have a great new years eve & all the best wishes for the new year Cheers Jamie
  10. There is always more than one way to build with GrowFX...good to see others experimenting with new possibilities. Cheers Jamie
  11. 3DMK

    At the River

    Great work!! Well done
  12. WOW!... Really great job Massisan! Looks like a LOT of work went into that project. Love all the details. Amazing to see what GrowFX can do in animations. Cheers Jamie
  13. Sounds like a really good idea Eduard! Thanks again for your constant improvement of GrowFX Cheers Jamie
  14. 3DMK


    Nice work! Well done
  15. Thanks for your extreme kindness to other Paul!
  16. Hi All, Just a quick post to let everyone know that I now have a E-commerce website where you can purchase the highest quality GrowFX plant & tree models. Currently they are mostly Australian species but I will be adding many species from all over the globe in the coming months. Please send me a list of plants that you would like to see & purchase on my website in the future. http://www.3dmk.com.au Kind regards Jamie Kerr 3dmk-Treeline
  17. 3DMK


    Bonjour Jef, Tres Bien
  18. Thanks Eduard!
  19. Hi Eduard, After some recent R&D work to try & achieve more realism, I found that lots of texture variation was very important. Although it's easy to get variation in the geometry with GrowFX, I found that the UV mapping & texture tools could benifit from a new texture-atlas feature that would help get lots of texture variation quickly & easily. The problem is that if you have a lot of different bitmaps for variation then you need to have lots of unique materials which is really slow to tweak/change anything. It would be great to have a feature that automatically chopped the bitmap into into individual crops based on user input. That way you could instantly have a huge amount of variation quickly and easily, with only one material to tweak/change. I know the GrowFX Multimap does this to some degree but you still need to load each map individually. I think it would be more ideal to have the process Automatic, especially if you have 20+ different leaves. I have made an image to explain my idea better [Please see attached] Thanks Jamie
  20. Hi Eduard, Thanks so much for the support again! Always the best. Jamie
  21. Hi Eduard, Is it possible to get an update for the multimap to work in max 2015 & 2016. Cheers Jamie
  22. Hi All, I completely re-made this tree as my first version was...ummm...pretty terrible. https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/518-jacaranda-mimosifolia/ So anyway, after quite a lot of trial & error, and many different versions here is the result Attached are some renders of this improved version. Cheers Jamie
  23. Hi All, Just finished making the classic Norfolk Island pine. Cheers Jamie
  24. Hi All, Here are some indoor Green Walls that I made recently. Plants made with GrowFX & distributed with Forest Pro Cheers Jamie
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