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  1. Hello, I am using the latest version and it seems there is a bug with the cache. It saved my animation correctly (128gb for 450 frames) but it won't load correctly. if i go to frame x and load the cache from the directory, it loads the frame correctly but as soon as i move in the timeline, the mesh disappears. the only way to have the mesh appear again is to select the cache again from it's folder. Loading a single frame keeps the mesh in the scene so the problem most likely comes from the sequence loading.
  2. Hi, I am trying to animate a fairly complicated tree growth and i have some questions about the value node. I understand the use for float and integer values but what do Universe and time values do ? I can't find anything in the help or online. I would like to animate my tree with a single parameter (age) going from 0 to 100%. It would be nice to have some clamp and curve fonctions so that a single value node can be used to give different numbers to other nodes. For exemple, the trunk would only grom from 0% to 80% of the original value node (thanks to a remap done with a curve) and the main braches would go from 10% to 100% all while only animating the first value node. I know some of this is already possible with the Affect node but i would like something that doen't need a parameter input to work properly. I have used growfx on a few projects now but i am far from being a pro so maybe all this is already possible. Thanks for your time
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