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  1. For example. I did some apartment searching recently, and the websites somehow allowed me to view the floor plans interactively in 3D.
  2. Hi, I have no experience with 3D modeling. The file extensions I work with are .docx, .xsls, .pdf, .jpg, etc... I was looking at your "free plants" to download on https://exlevel.com/PlantsLibrary/ (scrolling down) like the Poinciana (~340K faces). I downloaded a zip file and am scratching my head at what I see: .tga, .max, and .gfx files. Does anyone know of any lightweight program that will let me view the tree in 3D? I don't even want to edit it or use it in anything I could be creating. I'm no where near that. I'm just dipping my toes into the water. Thank you, Rebecca (or "TreeClimber", I guess)
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