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  1. Pretty Excited I got it to work !
  2. I'm trying to grow the vine to this shape not having much luck
  3. Can someone help me grow this the 3dmk vine it look different for the image see attached, I cannt seem to work out the settings. I downloaded then open, then post vine seem to have to much down force ? Cheers
  4. Hi Eduard I can also just turn the layer off as well If i need to preview render Cheers
  5. Hi Guys Very new to grow fx, I brought the 3dmx-tree line, vine and have been about to get close the results I need in a reasonable amount of time, But is there a way to stop having to update every time I open and close max, I have a few models and take awhile for each one to update ? im using corona and when I preview render it also wants to update Cheers
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