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  1. Solved!! Thanks a lot mate! Grow Fx is great piece of digital art!! Cheers!!
  2. I am already Exlevel customer, i have grow fx installed on my workstation, but when i try to activate it on my laptop i receive this message. I installed new SSD and system and somehow i am not able to activate it again.
  3. Hello again, grow fx on both machines...most of the time i am working on my workstation, but when i travel (train, airplane) i would like to be able to use it on my laptop as well. Is this activating/deactivating process? Or is there some workflow as with Vray, automatic online server activation? Regards, Pezzoni
  4. Hello guys! How can i offset branches so that they follow the radius of the base? Best regards, Pezzoni
  5. thanks mate!!! I got it! Speak to you soon.. :-)
  6. Hello, is it possible to scale instanced geometry? Like default size at start and as it climbs along the spline becomes smaller..or bigger? Thanks!
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