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  1. Hi All!


    I'm having trouble creating a realistic looking wind loop.:( The aim is to have a nice gentle breeze rustling the leaves and a little bit of sway in branches, but I cant find the right balance of flexibly, stiffness and wind speed. I'm using a 200 frame loop to keep my animated proxy files to a reasonable size. This means I cant use Perturb Speed or Vector


    Can some one please advise "weather':D its better to have:

    1. High wind speed with low flexibility and high stiffness
    2. Low wind speeds with lower stiffness and high flexibility 


    See images and videos for more detail. 


    Image 1 Wind Speed 0cm: I want to have this form swaying gently 

    Image 2 Wind Speed 50cm: Tree form is ok but not great and wind is very subtle. Even with very slow camera movement it will be barley visible in an animation (see video below)

    Image 3 Wind Speed 100cm:  Tree looks like its in a hurricane but only moving slowly (see video below)


    Max 2014 file attached.


    Thanks in advance! ^_^





    0cm wind.jpg

    50cm wind.jpg

    100cm wind.jpg


  2. Hi Everyone


    I have been using GFX for awhile now and I'm relatively confident with the program, however the Affects Parameters still baffle me. Somethings like branch length are straight forward enough and work as expected but other times there seems to be no logical correlation between  the source parameter range and the graph. Using Affects is the most powerful aspect to creating realist plants but I can't get passed to most basic affects. 


    Example: I'm trying to change the material ID of leaves on Path that has a Distributor for the 'branches' and an other Distributor for the 'tip'. The leaves on 'branches' have mix of different ID's  set under the Mesh Builder but I want the tips just to have a single, different ID to represent new growth.  


    I assume that if you use Path Position, then the 'Source Parameter Range' is 0 to 100% of the path and because I'm 'Affecting' the Leaf Mesh>Material ID then the values on the graph should relate to the ID of the material right? So at 100% on the graph the value is 9, then this should result in a leaf at 100% on the branch should have an ID of 9......not the case:huh:


    Please help me understand this the parameter range and the way the graph affects it. 


    Thanks in advance!^_^


    (PS I know I could achieve this with vertex colour or a new path, but the purpose is to understand Affects) 





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