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  1. I created a Palm Tree in GrowFX and It was not according to real world measurements. So I rescaled using Rescale GrowFX object feature from Preference Parameters rollout and it rescaled Trunk very well but it did not rescale other meshes properly. You can see in attachment below the tree before and after rescaling. I don't know what am I doing wrong? Help please! Thanks!
  2. This is awesome!! Thanks both of you. @mentor and @Eduard . I'll download the new version.
  3. Thank you so much! I moved it to the zero coordinates for now and it's working well. Sorry about the wind settings. I usually focus on the movement of branches. I will read the documentation on Wind Animation again to understand more about its parameters. Thank you!
  4. Sure! I have sent you the file at support@exlevel.com
  5. Maybe it's not about the default Amplitude Multiplier Value because I tried to change it but can't get the old result back.
  6. You're right, The new wind is much better! but how do I get my old animation that was done in SP7 back? I can install SP7 for now but I wish there's some workaround. Here are my viewport previews for both SP7 and SP8. nothing else was changed just the versions are different. Animation.mp4
  7. I created a plant and 'wind animated' it in SP7. But recently I installed SP8 and there's a new feature Amplitude Multiplier (Which is cool BTW) but I forgot that it would affect my animation because it has a default value set already which changes my animation to something different. Now I have many plants and trees created in the older version. Is there any way I can disable the Amplitude Multiplier effect in those? or Do I have to set its value manually to something (zero I guess?) to get my old animation back? Thank you!
  8. Wow! This is very useful. Thanks!
  9. The same happened with me I have sent you email with username and serial key. Please help!
  10. I'm working on a palm tree and I'm having a problem with the orientation of leaves. I've attached screenshots and a reference image with it. I've added Path Distributor Modifier with Turn Axis 0.0 and Count 2. When I rotate leaves using Angle Axis in Leaves_Mesh Modifier, Both sides of leaves (1 and 2 in the screenshot) rotate in the same direction. I want them to rotate opposite to each other to achieve the result like in the reference image (Leaves facing the camera). Is there anything I can do to achieve that result? Yes, I can create a whole new path just for the other side but if there's an alternate solution to it then please let me know. Thanks!
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