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  1. This is awesome!! Thanks both of you. @mentor and @Eduard . I'll download the new version.
  2. Thank you so much! I moved it to the zero coordinates for now and it's working well. Sorry about the wind settings. I usually focus on the movement of branches. I will read the documentation on Wind Animation again to understand more about its parameters. Thank you!
  3. Sure! I have sent you the file at support@exlevel.com
  4. Maybe it's not about the default Amplitude Multiplier Value because I tried to change it but can't get the old result back.
  5. You're right, The new wind is much better! but how do I get my old animation that was done in SP7 back? I can install SP7 for now but I wish there's some workaround. Here are my viewport previews for both SP7 and SP8. nothing else was changed just the versions are different. Animation.mp4
  6. I created a plant and 'wind animated' it in SP7. But recently I installed SP8 and there's a new feature Amplitude Multiplier (Which is cool BTW) but I forgot that it would affect my animation because it has a default value set already which changes my animation to something different. Now I have many plants and trees created in the older version. Is there any way I can disable the Amplitude Multiplier effect in those? or Do I have to set its value manually to something (zero I guess?) to get my old animation back? Thank you!
  7. Wow! This is very useful. Thanks!
  8. The same happened with me I have sent you email with username and serial key. Please help!
  9. I'm working on a palm tree and I'm having a problem with the orientation of leaves. I've attached screenshots and a reference image with it. I've added Path Distributor Modifier with Turn Axis 0.0 and Count 2. When I rotate leaves using Angle Axis in Leaves_Mesh Modifier, Both sides of leaves (1 and 2 in the screenshot) rotate in the same direction. I want them to rotate opposite to each other to achieve the result like in the reference image (Leaves facing the camera). Is there anything I can do to achieve that result? Yes, I can create a whole new path just for the other side but if there's an alternate solution to it then please let me know. Thanks!
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