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  1. I am testing wrapping vines around an object, and trying to follow the video tutorial. My problem is that I cannot stop the GrowFX vines from penetrating into the object I am trying to use as a reaction object. How do you make the vines stay constrained to the outside surface? I am trying various values for magnetic and reflection distance but nothing seems to work. I am sure the problem is me, but I can't figure it out. Thanks for any advice. Brett
  2. Finally gettng a chance to look at the update with meta-mesh. I made a few trees last night (there are 3 different trees in one scene, all using meta-mesh). Today I cannot open the file. It seems to process the first one or two meshes and then Max just hangs with the GrowFX progress window there, but frozen. Is there a known issue with memory requirements/limit or something I could be doing wrong here? b
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