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  1. Hi Guys, this tree was a big learning experience. Lots of things I'm happy about, lots of things that ain't so good.

    The shape of the main branches are controlled with noise and vector modifiers alone, by which I find it is still very hard to position and orient splines. The roots are spline controlled, which is better.

    Hope you all like!

    Old Magic Tree_01.jpg

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  2. Hi Guys, Im new here, hopefully this is in the right place.

    Im trying to make veins growing against a cliff wall. I got a rocky plane which I add in the 'objection reaction' direction modifier.

    This works well for 2 paths. If I try to add a third it useally crashes right away. Sometimes it works for a minute or so and then crashes.


    Are there some limitation for the object reaction modifier I should be aware of?


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