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  1. wow, I wish other software companies would listen to their users/customers as you do. If I had three thumbs, then: Three Thumbs up!!
  2. triple thumbs up from me on that!!!!!!!!
  3. The wind modifier is really cool and the results look impressive. To be able to use it as animated proxies etc, it would be necessary to be able to point cache the wind motion. any plans?
  4. Turntable of a trunk I modelled with ivy in GrowFX. also textured it etc.. I also did my own light breeze on a tree before the wind was introduced: and 2 more turntables: and
  5. well basicaly what the title says. Is there a way of making the size of the leaves a bit more random?
  6. I have a tree with 3 material ID's in my trunk and branches, and 3 ID's in my instanced leave objects. I've made a multi material with 6 materials. When I press update in the MultiMaterial rollout of the instance geom for the leaves, it will reset the first 3 materials. ID 1 is turned in a Standard material, while it was a vraymtl, and ID 2 and 3 are resetted into standard materials with no bitmaps etc. So every time I hit update I need to populate my multi/sub mat again... I think this is a bug? cheers
  7. Hi all, Have been away for a while cause of rendering dinosaurs, mobile phones and Nike shoes. But I'm picking up GrowFX again for an upcoming project/commercial. I was wondering if there are plans on making the meta mesh creation multi-threaded? And another thing, can the mesh created be quads instead of tri's?? Thanks, Michiel Quist
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