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  1. Any Idea when a Max 2021 compile will be completed?
  2. Not really, it still freezes, i just left it disabled because you said to try it. The biggest help was reducing frames per batch and keeping cores count to 1. Probably a bug somewhere in there, feels like it it tripping over itself. The nerd in me wants to say it is looking for a variable that was local and is no longer there, so it just keeps waiting for it.... or something of that nature. I've had maxscripts I was working on lock up for this reason in the past. I should mention i am on a machine with a 72 core machine with a Quadro 5000 and 256GB ram, so that's not the issue.. haha.
  3. Here's what I did that helped... so others have additional input: Checked disable progress bar Set Number of Threads to 1. (More crashes one core and locks up max even if other core keep writing whiel it is frozen. It won't unlock with even just 2 selected.) Cached 10 frames at a time, it seems to choke after (some too high) number Adjusted metamesh settings to limit calculation (Stop Stitching %) Checked convert to mesh
  4. That's awesome. Exactly like I was hoping! Great work guys!
  5. It'd be super awesome to have a checkbox to "Add/Expose To Animated Property list" on the root of the object, like how manual custom attributes work. Then you don't have to dig through heavy lists to find animated properties and could name them appropriately or link them to other things easily and as needed. I tried a few CA's on a tree but it seemed to crash it, having an internal thing to expose parameters would be really cool. Sorry for all the suggestions... I am just excited about the tool and like to contribute to improvements! -Joel
  6. I am on SP8 Beta The Cache keeps locking up and freezing max mid-write. Do you have a recommended checklist of things to look for that may be the cause of something like this? The reason I ask... Tree is 1.1M polys, shouldn't be locking it up. It is 20 different parts... but caches fine for the first few hundred frames, then it seems to lock to infinity. I can't seem to cancel or stop it without force closing max. Previous frames about 20-30 seconds a frame to cache, let later frames go for over an hour and they never kicked. If you have a standard troubleshooting list for this I'd give it a shot. Sorry for all the questions, I am pushing this thing to its limit! Thanks! -Joel
  7. More info for the team.... Seems to work fine on my 8 core machine. My main workstation is a dual Xeon Gold 6140 (72 Cores) machine... it fails on there with anything more than 1 core. Perhaps newer architecture works differently.
  8. Background Cache would be a nice add ...so that you could continue working on other parts of a scene while it goes. BTW, loving this tool, super fun and really nice outputs so far!
  9. I am having an issue where VRay Fur is applied to roots to give really kick ass micro detail. The problem is that if anything is animated to grow, the fur recalculates locations on every frame and it flickers like crazy. I tried locking it to surface using its texture mapping with the vray node, but it still flickers when growing. I even tried the absolute width parameter in the mesh builder. I have tried all of the possible options to lock it down, seems like it is just the way poly ID's are or something internal. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  10. When I cache with multithreading on it freezes max on the last frame.... but if I set it to 1, it finishes. Not sure what it could be, but it is worth checking to see if this is a bug in build 1_9_9_SP8. That's all ....being patient with 1 core works. -Joel
  11. Hi people. When you save a GFX file, am i correct is seeing that it does not save any animated properties? So if you save a GFX file, it will be in the state it is at, depending on what frame you are on? or does it work differently? Thanks for any info! -Joel
  12. I thought to reverse the order in the Path stack. I started with roots, so they were highest in the list. I moved them till after the trunk/etc and it fixed the inconsistency. Not sure what is going on there, but hey it's fixed!
  13. I have the roots as a separate path system, when I enable it, it changes the branches up top even though there are no Affects or connected parameters tieing the roots to the top branches. The only thing that I can think of is the metamesh. I checked my metamesh limits and it seems fine, as are the alarm limits. The branches are exactly as needed without the roots, but when I enable the roots it changes them.... have you ever seen this before? Any Ideas? Thanks in advance. -Joel
  14. It could be useful to make an "In Volume" Modifier, where you could cull out elements by having a gizmo or geo determine if they are "in volume".
  15. Got it working on a simple example. Figured I'd upload to help others. AnimatedTimeParameter.max
  16. Hi Eduard, I followed up with this but the animate parameter doesn't seem to be working. Even on the orange tree example. Can you see if it is working on your end? There seems to be nothing affecting the time of the oranges. Any help appreciated. I am confused by the logic a bit. if Trunk grows branch, and branch grows twig, and twig grows fruit.... can you put an Affect Parameter on a twig to control fruit time if the branch is affected by the trunk? Or do you have to put all affect parameters on the trunk? Thanks in advance! -Joel
  17. Cool beans. I am really enjoying using this software, it's quite fun after you figure out the where, why, how's. Thanks Eduard!
  18. Auto Radius is great, it could be enhanced by making a % of Parent parameter. So, for example, branches can be 80% of the thickness of their parent, then you could grow the parent thickness and the rest will follow.
  19. Hello, I am curious if there is a way to target animated object (probably morphs) as target objects for leaves for fruit. Ideally, they would be animated in their own specific growth, then added to the plant and triggered to grow on demand somehow. I know I could do it with some tricks and use PFlow to trigger them but was curious if you know a better more integrated way. Any help appreciated! -Joel
  20. Yeah i thought perhaps i could use the thickness radius to drive the offset position, which would work in theory, but the metamesh or cylinder mesh thickness radius doesn't have an available "Affect Parameters" option. That'd be one way to attack it.
  21. I have a tree with fruit. Issue 1: The stems of the fruit sometimes look into the trunk or into the branch they come out of instead of pointing away from their source. Is there a way to make the stems look away from the trunk, so they all point outward away from branch/truck they are attached to? Issue 2: It seems like this may be because they are unaware of the thickness of their parent. Since the stems are short, if the branch is thick, the stem may never emerge... is there a way to compensate this? Thanks in Advance, Joel E.
  22. Hmm. Tried that, Best results I had was to use a vector orient to the ground. There are still some that refuse to align for some reason and Align Children on the twigs didn't help much either. Anyhoo, this seems like it'll work, i am just new to it all. Is there a way to avoid intersections? I am sure it'll be processor intensive, to figure that out.
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