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  1. Eduard you will be surprised but it works perfect:) Thank you very much!
  2. Hi I have a lot of commercial grow fx files and i would like to perform batch actions on growfx plants (using some batch script): 1.turn on manual update for plants; 2.unthick hide icon and set icon size to 1 cm; Any chances for help? I am not good at maxscript Many thanks
  3. Hello I am trying to convert files to v.2.0 But effect is completely different ( i am talking about density ) Any way to get simmilar result without tweaking it? Best M
  4. Thank you very much! I found answer herehttps://www.itoosoft.com/tutorials/animation-controls-for-stills?back=page%3D5
  5. Hi all Its my first post here. So maybe its silly question but i am just learning GrowFX I would like ask about using it with Forest Pack I know this combo is very powerful for animations but do i get extra resources/speed, save ram etc. using growfx objects instead of meshes? - i am not asking about randomisation or vertex shading I just wonder if i can save some space on my hdd Thanks for help Michal
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