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  1. nic_h

    Seamless Looping tree animation

    Hi there Here is a palm that I have been working with. Trying to get a 200frame ambient looop to no avail How is everyone else who works with 25fps even making these? Assuming not using the seamless loop feature? You mentioned this bug was fixed in 2016, is it possible to fix it cos doing maths and typing 0.83333333333333333333 is not that easy Thanks palm_25fps_brokenloop.max
  2. nic_h

    Seamless Looping tree animation

    Even when i use the example above it only works on that file. Do I need to do some calculation in the Scale Frequency box? I can get it close with 0.83333333 for example 50.021 frames....but how to get it exactly a clean loop?
  3. nic_h

    Seamless Looping tree animation

    Is this going to be fixed? Its really annoying to work out! I saw a post saying it was fixed back in 2016. It only works sometime for me when i enter 0.83333333 in the Scale Frequency, other times it just goes to weird numbers. Whats the best way to loop different parts of a tree at once? Say I want the trunk to have subtle movement over 100 frames and then the leaves to have a higher frequency / more flexibility looping at 50? Is there a way to link these? Thanks
  4. nic_h

    3dmentor's plants

    very nice. are you open to commission?