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  1. mentor

    GFX Plants 101

    GFX Plants 101 is a collection of realistic 3d models of coniferous trees for 3ds max and GrowFX 1.99. You can tweak or animate many parameters and receive desired shapes and animation. Use ready 3d plants from library or make your own variations in GrowFX, adjust height, density, style and so on, tweak wind speed, plant flexibility and make looped wind animation. 3ds Max 2017+ and the latest version of GrowFX 1.99 SP11 is required. GFX Plants 101 includes -Larix decidua variations -Picea abies variations -Picea pungens variations -74 different plants -Over 200 plant’s variations for different seasons -PBR shaders for Corona, FStorm and V-Ray -High resolution 4K textures -Integration with Forest Pack library GFX Plants 101 has 2 versions: -GrowFX version (ready for animation) -Meshes only version Download GFX Plants 101 PDF catalog GFX Plants 101 release date is 1st of May. Now GFX Plants 101 is available for pre-order with 20% Off before 1st of May. Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (GrowFX + meshes) - 150 € Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (only meshes) - 100 €
  2. Sure, frost shader is ready and I will release it with new plants soon. I did huge amount of tests and RND and found the way how to make it reaaly good and keep balance between quality and polycount
  3. Update, frost shader added. New model of Blue spruce | Picea pungens glauca
  4. Final version of Picea Abies or Norway spruce rendered with FStorm. 3d model optimised and updated after many tests and RND. I added improved details, cones and textures, random nail colors, twigs with buds, PBR shaders for FStorm, Corona and V-Ray and much more. This big spruce 12 meters heigh has only 657 336 polygons and looks very detailed. Will release new conifers soon!
  5. Maxtree isn't good source. Their plants looks good but it's impossible to make good wind or grow animation because of they structure. Did you cached grow animation? I have never had such problems.
  6. as far as I know we don't have such a script...
  7. I tried to keep balance between polygon limit and details. This big fir have about 1 million of polygons.
  8. Picea abies or Norway spruce, almost final version
  9. Haha, too much questions and too few time to answer! I'll try to answer later.
  10. Picea abies, test animation of wind and grow. I noticed some problems with grow animation and fixed it, new animation will be ready tomorrow. Your feedback will be helpful!
  11. Some fun with GrowFX 2 with procedural snow and wind animation Will show you something interesting and procedural soon!
  12. Main problem is not in material but in overall workflow. Yes Speedtree is more advanced in this case, it can make complex shape blends without visible seams. I mean blends between trunk and branches. It is not 1 welded mesh like metamesh produces but it's a blend of 2 different meshes but with tweaked normals and smoothing groups and that's why you don't see border between 2 meshes because branch normals are the same as trunk normals in the intersection area. Also SpeedTree makes opacity blending between 2 materials and you don't see a hard edge between branch and bark materials. SpeedTree widely uses 3d scanned geometry and offers automatic blending of procedural trunks with 3d scans and makes smooth blend between materials without visible seams. Yes we need such features in GrowFX as well as fast metamesh. I found some good papers with algorithms on how to make solid mesh like Metamesh but on GPU. Will send it to Eduard soon. Metamesh is very very slow and computes on 1 CPU core... Also I think we need some new mesh features like boolean + subdivision to make a fast and good looking solid mesh. But if you need a smooth transition between bark and branch we need separate meshes with unified vertex normals in the intersection area. Anyway, even now you can make good looking result like this
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