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  1. Wind settings is simple. Here is wind speed table Set wind speed from 1 mps (almost calm) to 5-10 mps - good wind Set stiffness for branch equal to branch length. Fore example if branch length = 1 meter, then stiffness = 1 meter. Set desired flexibility & frequency. Tweak turbulence
  2. Hmm, strange! Please send your scene to Eduard for review.
  3. Could you attach proofs? In my opinion new wind is very good! Amplitude multiplier remains the same as it was before and equals 20, but now you could adjust it. Please make viewport previews with old wind and new wind!
  4. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

  5. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Thanks! Another greenery :) Rosmarinus and Genista
  6. Only manually... Weld vertices and unwrap textures correctly
  7. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Eucalyptus tree
  8. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Myrtillocactus geometrizans
  9. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Some recent cactuses - Carnegiea gigantea and Pachycereus marginatus
  10. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Agapanthus africanus - African Lily, all textures made in Substance designer. Wind animation ready. Rendered in FStorm. wind animation test - https://vimeo.com/265442560
  11. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Plumeria oubtusa or Frangipangi tree - it was very hard task for me... Hard to find correct shape and branch distribution, especially when you scaling up/down tree's height. This tree has natural shape in all scale from 2 meters till 5 All textures made in Substance designer. Wind animation ready.
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