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  1. This is an animated 3d model of Phoenix Canariensis or Canary Island date palm. You can randomise it, add growth and wind animation, tweak any parameter such as length, width, thickness, tweak amount of drought foliage, LODs etc. More details in the presentation and workflow videos I made for you. Presentation and workflow process on YouTube Phoenix Canariensis palm presentation: https://youtu.be/BDA4U3M-J2g Phoenix Canariensis palm workflow: https://youtu.be/-ecaLz52hr4
  2. I spent a lot of time and power helping to develop and test GrowFX 2 - it's a completely new version with Node Based Workflow and new amazing features! GrowFX 2 is a very powerful plugin for modeling and animating plants and offers you unlimited creative freedom. Let me introduce new assets I made especially for showing the CG community new GrowFX 2 features. This is an animated 3d model of Magical Beanstalk from fairy tales. You can randomise it, add growth and wind animation, tweak any parameter such as length, width, thickness, LODs etc. Magical Beanstalk growth along the target
  3. Hello! It's time to break the silence here! My first short review of GrowFX 2 beta features! Enjoy this video in 2K resolution!
  4. Wind settings is simple. Here is wind speed table Set wind speed from 1 mps (almost calm) to 5-10 mps - good wind Set stiffness for branch equal to branch length. Fore example if branch length = 1 meter, then stiffness = 1 meter. Set desired flexibility & frequency. Tweak turbulence
  5. Hmm, strange! Please send your scene to Eduard for review.
  6. Could you attach proofs? In my opinion new wind is very good! Amplitude multiplier remains the same as it was before and equals 20, but now you could adjust it. Please make viewport previews with old wind and new wind!
  7. Thanks! Another greenery :) Rosmarinus and Genista
  8. Only manually... Weld vertices and unwrap textures correctly
  9. Eucalyptus tree
  10. Myrtillocactus geometrizans
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