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  1. I have noticed that deactivating the reflection tab under object reaction prevents the problem, but as soon as i activate it MAX crashes inmediatly
  2. Im working on creating a creeper kind of ivy, for the first and second level of branches i have added an object reaction modifier and it works fine, the object is a big wooden bird cage kind of structure, everything works fine until i added a third level of branches and add the same object reaction modifier, ti crashes 3ds max instantly, i have even tried to bake the previous level of branches, and also decreasing the steps amount on the Third level of branches before adding the object reaction modifier but it keeps happening, any suggestions on how to fix this?, Thanks in advance. Below are some screen captures of the process: the first image shows the first and second branch levels, the second image shows the moment of adding a third level of branches with the object reaction modifier just before assigning the custom object to the object ract modifier, after that 3ds MAX just Crashes all the time.
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