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  1. Sorry to chase. but would anybody be able to help with me with this issue please? much appreciated.
  2. Hi Eduard, I am using 3DS Max 2020, Vray and am using version 1.9.9 SP8. I am rendering out an animation using a growfx tree from Max Tree - Plant Models Volume 2. As you can see from the rendered frames that I have flickering in the tree, I have seen other posts like this but was still unable to resolve my problem after reading them. I have attached the tree max file also. I have never experience this issue before when rendering with older versions of growfx and max 2016, although I have never tried with this particular tree before, If you are able to help that would be very much appreciate. Many Thanks, Kind Regards Will Tree flicker.mp4 Flickering Tree_2020.max
  3. Hi Eduard, Sorry for the confusion, i do seem to be having a problem with NTSC and PAL. As an example with the problem I am having with changing to PAL, i am using max 2016 and attached screenshot explaining. I have opened up your scene 'smallTree_WindLoop.max' which is an NTSC file I click on the leaves and the period is '10'. I then changed the scene to PAL and the period for the leaves changes to '8.333333....' trying to tweak the stiffness and wind parameters to get this to equal a whole number for example 10. If you could let me know what I am doing wrong, i would appreciate it very much. Kind Regards, Will
  4. Hi Eduard, Thank you for your reply, I will give that a go tomorrow. The problem I am having is using PAL, if I switch to NTSC i can get whole numbers for period for example 5, 10, 20, 50.....etc But using PAL i am getting decimal places like 8.33333 etc, which I cant export out at that number. Any Ideas why? Thanks again
  5. Update: after further investigation sorry I have now noticed that there is a 'loop animation' option in the wind settings. I have switched on 'looping animation' and trying to get to grips with 'period' setting, it not very intuitive. is there a formula we should use to get the desired 'period' for example 100?? There also seems to be a problem looping using PAL (25 fps). I opened up one of your test scenes in NTSC, using the same settings in both files, in your NTSC file a period of 10. is equivalent to 8.33333 (10 x 25 / 30 = 8.3333) in my PAL scene. I noticed in previous thread that this has been updated? Is this part of the latest release? as it does not seem to be working for me?
  6. Hello, If someone could help me I would be very grateful. I am creating a tree wind animation, which needs to be around 1500 frames long. rather than caching all 1500 frames individually and having a huge cache file, I thought I could cache about 200 frames and then hopefully get them to seamlessly loop. I am using the growfx cache and have enabled loop animation, but the animation does not seamlessly loop, you keep seeing the tree jump back to the starting frames, rather than transitioning smoothly. I have attached a video file to demonstrate, Am i doing something wrong, or are you unable to get a smooth loop transition. Any help would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Will tree_loop.avi
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