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  1. Hi  Eduard,


    "Regarding the multithreading for metamesh, yes of course we'll try to implement it. But now we're implementing a feature called "After mesh modifiers", which allows to calculate the animation (eg wind) very quickly (without mesh calculation in each frame)."


    Is that feature available in 1.9 or 2 version ? and how can I use so I don't have to wait to regenerate mesh for each frame so long?



  2. Hi what is the correct way to use cache animation with wind if I am using two or three trees in scene.I tried perecomputing both ways for each one file or in separate but I get the wrong animation after some frames objects are missing or animation not moving ( rendering with corona )  for a few frames all sorts of wierd things.Once I precompute can merge obejects in new files and link the precomputed or should I generate always all object in the same file 




  3. Hi,


    I am animating simple plant growth animation ( trunk> branch 1 > leaves coming out of it) and one couple of separate leaves coming out of the trunk directly at the bottom.As it start They are positioned at 100% and as the trunk grows move to position 5% ( path position distributer) ..that is how they stay at the bottom of the plant as the first two leaves coming out of the soil..Animation is 200 frames.

    at about 135th frame in the middle of key frames I have some frames (frames) that these leaves are missing ..I noticed that when animating in other scenarios...what is the reason for it and how can I sove that problem ?



  4. Thanks Eduard.I played a lot with those affectors I guess I will have to remember as it is...  as  I can't seam to understand the logic behind.Actually if I have trunk and b1 b2 b3 branches

    if I want to affect  b3 length correcsponnding to trunk height  i go to b1 (  parameter :path position lenght b3) so a step above the trunk always set a step above the one which I don't fully get..

    if  want to have b3 length affected by  the legth of b1  I go to b2 ...

    As for the first question in the subject as you helped I managed to have branches on both side in one plane ..but after I add leaves mesh on both side if I add angle across the leave one side is up the other looking down ..I have attached a printsreen..how I can I have them both look same direction?




  5. Hi Eduard,


    Thanks it did work that way.I did try playing with them all but couldn't come to that combination myself .

    One more thing that I need to achieve now that I have them on both sides not coming from one point ..chaos on the count would change only distances randomly removing here and there a branch but the distances will stay the same between all..so I can't seem to find a parameter that controls the random distances between the branches?



  6. Hi Guys,


    Just bought and started using the software as I was not able to achieve what I wanted with other soft but stumbled on something simple that I can seem to understand in the GrowFX.

    If want to achieve close to horizontal placed B2 branches I only can generated them on one side of the branch.I can if I add count 2 on the distributer BUT these branches come from one point and are simetrical so how can I can achieve what is very basic for each tree to have branches on both sides but not starting at the same point ( I need to specify again that I would like to have them close to absolutely horizontal plane (  ) ..what the soft ware does is not have them rorate randomly  on the B1 I don't want that so what I am I missing  here? ...Thanks

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