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  1. Hi Eduard sorry my mistake, should arrive by now, thanks!
  2. Hi Eduard, Yes I did wind in After mesh mods. Still possibly something I'm doing wrong. Where should I send my file? Thanks!
  3. Hi, So I animated my trees on wind then I recorded them to the point cache for 300 frames but most of them randomly at some point during this 300 frames change position and geometry errors out, please find attached image, any ideas would be very helpful!
  4. Hello all, If any of you have problems with flickering/disapearing leaves, try the following steps which solved my problem so far. Go to line mode and check which part is causing problems. In my case usually its branch 2 or 3. Then I changed amplitude multiplier to something between 1-5 in all wind modifiers which made it much better but there still were some minor issues. So I also decrease "Steps" value from 3 cm to 1cm (generally needs more detail) and this works for me so far, no flickering or disapearing branches/leaves. No modifiers causing problems for me as was mention
  5. Hi Eduard, You sent SP8 to my friend from work, we use max2019 . Best Regards
  6. Hi Eduard, I have the same issue. Update didn't help. I did delete vector_orient modifiers and it helped with small trees. But big, dense Oak tree still have flickering/dissapering leaves. I did delete vector_orient, deviation and optimize steps but no luck! please help Regards
  7. Hello all! I'm a beginner in grow fx so please forgive me if this is noob question. I have created ivy's on wall and I'm trying to open this grow fx scene as a xref in master file, but when I do it my grow fx changing a bit it's appearance. I tried this with manual update ticked and unticked. I'm also xreffing this with wall that acts as object react and is not visible to render so there is no elements missing from original file. Any ideas please? Best Regards
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