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  1. 3dsmax 2018 Corona Renderer 1.7 Growfx 1.9.9 SP6 Hi, I'm looking for some advice on instancing please. I'm new to Growfx, and CG generally, so there are many gaps in my knowledge. I'm building a room, inside which will be situated 25 plants. I have been testing Growfx recently and have built a plant I feel is sufficiently realistic, and now I need to create versions of it that appear unique. My question is what workflow should I be utilizing within Growfx to achieve this, and what techniques should be used in conjunction with it within 3dsmax? Whatever approaches are used, I need to ensure geometry is kept to a minimum as the model is already heavy, and the resulting plants look different from one another. Here are some questions and ideas... Can Growfx somehow output unique plant variations having used chaos settings throughout? How do I use a Growfx project mesh to produce other unique looking plants? Should I be breaking the mesh into sections such as leaves and stems, and then trying to instance both sets individually within 3dsmax with subtle randomness? Are there any known Maxscripts that may help me? I thought that may be I should be creating an over complicated plant design in Growfx, then use materials in 3dsMax to eliminate unwanted leaves and stem to create unique plant shapes? If anyone has some insight into this it would be really helpful! I've attached the plant design as it is right now. Thanks!
  2. Hi @ Eduard.....I've figured it out. I applied the same 'Affect factor graph' used to control scale to control the V offset and it worked fine! The artifacts disappeared!
  3. Thanks @Eduard! As soon as I posted this I saw there was another feed about this where you explained the procedure clearly, and I got it working. I was just getting back to update this post, and although this topic has been covered there was an issue that has arisen from the scaling. I'm left with small artifacts in the scene from the UVW map/ material. I can get rid of these when the leaves are the same scale by fiddling with the UVWmap ofset , but how do I make the adjustments now the leaves are all different sizes?
  4. Hi Growfx community and @Eduard.... I have a quick question about leaf scale. I need to scale my leaves so that they get smaller as they progress up my plant. I know how to do this using IG leaves, where I use Parameter: Path Position> Affects > IG Mesh> Scale, however I now need to apply a similar technique but using 'Leaves Mesh'. I've been messing for a while and can control the scale, length, width etc. using 'Affects', but can't resolve how to roll this out to make leaves smaller towards the top of my weed plant. I've attached a render so you can see what I mean, which illustrates where I am right now in relation to a photographic reference. Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. Thanks Eduard. Yer I think you're right, I tried using opacity map and it seemed to do what needed and I can perfect the stalks later down the line.
  6. Hi guys, I've searched through the forum but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I needed to resolve how to attach instanced geometry, or at least figure out a technique for attaching leaves to stems so that I'm not left with a visible end section. There must be a simple method I'm sure, may be I have missed a setting?.... although it seems this may end in the situation being discussed on another thread with @Richard & @Eduard? My immediate thought was that the combine meshes would be the feature I needed, however I've so far been unable to actually join meshes, only align them. Thanks!
  7. Hi @Eduard, yer I thought there might be some kind of displacement problem. It's a little strong but not too bad, and actually even with displacement disabled the same thing occurs. I rebuilt a test scene, used the same materials and geometry. To get it to work without issues I reset x-form, and then re-applied UVW unwrap + UVW map, set the correct material ID's, and rebuilt the multi sub object material. It worked fine, so something fussy about the sequence of modifiers being applied in 3dsmax. Anyway, it works, thanks!
  8. Hi @Eduard, files emailed and a closeup attached of the issue. When the geometry attaches onto the plant it appears to distort.
  9. 3dsmax 2018 Growfx 1.9.9 SP5 Hi @Eduard, I wonder if you might kindly be of assistance?... or anyone else! I'm building a plant and have created a number of leaves that are to be attached as instanced geometry within my scene. They're behaving unexpectedly, and the results are random. It might work at some point, it might not, either way getting to the point of rendering the leaves correctly is proving quite difficult. I've attached a screen grab of the leaf on a basic Growfx plant, as well as a shot of the leaf as it should appear. I've looked through the forum as originally I thought it could be some kind of x-form issue, so have tried that, however I can't seem to stop the leaves looking like they're melting. Thanks!
  10. Hi @Eduard, just wondering whether the planned work mentioned about is a reality yet? I'm trying to make things look real but currently have intersecting geometry. Since the model doesn't have vast numbers of stems and branches I need to retain as many as possible rather than erase. Thanks, D
  11. Hi @Eduard , the meshes I exported from 3dsMax were plugged straight into ZBrush without anything altered prior to that. The issue created by not having the metamesh create tri's and quads like in your example, was that I had to use Dynamesh in Zbrush to connect the stem joins. To retain the stalk/stem form Dynamesh resolution had to be cranked up high, creating excess geometry, with Zremesher cleaning things up further . If the new option you mentioned was implemented, only the Zremesher would need to be used, and this would result in a more accurate lower poly model.
  12. Thanks @Eduard for looking into that. There's one difference between your version and mine which is quite important for what I'm doing, and I wondered if you might able to explain, because it will save me time in Zbrush, and make my geometry cleaner overall. Your stalk has a profile with tri's only at the join, whilst my stalk had a profile which seemed to force metamesh to create tri's down the entire length as you can see from my initial post. There must be a setting I'm not using here?
  13. If anyone's interested... I solved what I needed to do in ZBrush. I processed each branch path as a cylinder mesh, exported the whole plant out of 3dsmax as an .obj and into ZBrush. I ran Dynamesh which fused the mesh together, and then ran Zremesher to turn the whole object into quads and clean up geometry . I also did the same with a Metamesh model and got similar-ish results, but with a lot more weird and unwanted bumps.
  14. Hi Eduard, thanks for the fast reponse! The instance in material editor worked as you suggested, and seems to react best when being applied to a cylinder mesh. I was requiring the stitching ability of metamesh, but this seems to mix quads and triangles. I was wondering if there was a way to work only with quads only in Growfx ? With your knowledge of the software, is the use of a gradient ramp the best approach for replicating the reference stalk, which has a defined structure? Thanks!
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