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  1. If i have max 2018 and i did vertex color with grow fbx , when i export to fbx it will keep the vertex color data of the mesh? Thanks!
  2. The idea is generate a billboard of 8 sides for one tree only the one for example i made then you save that file and when you build your big scene you can add that lod billboard at distance , that can improve rendering times . , im not saying you build the huge scene with tons of trees then grow fx do the billboards NO , you make one tree or each specie , and one by one you do the billboard for later populating scene. Seems right. Thanks!
  3. HI i want to put two materials in one branch one in the bottom like speed tree detail texture wich is only in speed tree 7 , speed tree 8 is awful personally , so i want to put one material in the bottom and the other the normal branch material is a way to do that?
  4. Hi there , i wonder if there is a way to twist the texture in the branch or trunk like speed tree to avoid texture repeating?
  5. Can you please add some to auto create billboards planes and textures of a tree or bush ? this will help a lot.
  6. HI i want to know if next update also can have a system of creating billboards from the tree ? cheers
  7. HI will be nice to add a optimization method when using metamehs and when it join another branch i see a lot of waist polygons around , you think that can be added in the next update ? will be good to be optimized i dont see the need and that lots of range that does the metamesh when joins a branch. Cheers!
  8. The difference here is instanced geometry not using leafs will be very nice for you be able to tweak those like a leaf can do ,using this , thats all i see is missing , will be a nice add! Although the randomize size helps a bit but will not be too good for this.
  9. So i have my custom leaf using instanced geometry but i cannot find a way for me to make those meshes in the top of the tree smaller, also i dont see the option doing the same thing , lets say i have a branch and i spawn my leafs from the start to the end , so the leafs should be smaller at the end of the branch , this is crucial for getting this looking real and i cannot find the solution.
  10. i made a trunk , then some branches and then another branches that spawn from branch 1 , i noted they are not snapin right to the first branch , i tried the offset setting and nit not work ,so this is a image with no offset , but i tell you i tried offset and not working. I can tell this is not looking right.
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