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  1. Hello, Is there any way to use predefined vertex colors on instanced geometry. I want to use some pre painted branches but cannot as Grow FX appears to wipe the colors Thanks
  2. Had some time to reduce the wasted space on the leaf clusters. The whole tree lights a lot better than before and am not getting the same issues with 'flat branches'. Coming it at 10k now and hope the reduction of alpha will balance out the poly increase
  3. Hi Tobitobs, Thanks for the feedback. We are using an in-house engine and currently have no option to display alpha overdraw. The trees also transition straight to impostors, but you wouldn't be able to tell the difference as the code team have done a great job with this The decision to go with this style of leaf cluster was so we could change the leaf clusters on any tree to give it a different look. Its very similar to older versions of speed tree handled it. Should be pretty easy to optimize these if needed (I think they will need it). However I think I may have previously made the leaves far too small. I've rendered them again and feel they have a much better look. Also looks a lot better in substance painter which is closer to our in game look. Just looks awful in max even after applying custom normals
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone have any tips for using growfx for game production? Am looking at a top polycount of 5000 pol Example below of some of the results I'm getting so far
  5. Hi lukx. Not sure if this is what you are after but it might help Aloe.max
  6. Yes they are all the same. Sorry for the multiple posts.
  7. Hello, Is there any way to use custom normals for the instanced geometry? Ive tried applying to to my meshes but its lost when added to growfx Thanks -Si
  8. Hi. Has there been any progress with this? Really need this feature for Game asset production.
  9. Hi. Has there been any progress on this. I am using grow FX for make game assets and really need this feature, or at least some kind of workaround. Thanks
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