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  1. I have kind of the same question, so I´ll just add it here...: So for example: I ahve a shot where I wanna put 10-15 copies of some growFX plant with wind animation on them in a scene. I´ve tried caching it as Vrayproxy, but I´m getting 8 GB files and bigger. this will significantly impact rendertimes, since they are copies (to offset the animation), each will have to be loaded separately, as far as I understand. Multiply that with 10 render nodes and I´m looking at a serious performance loss. So I´m also wondering why I shouldn´t just use several copies of the original growFX plants in the scene, thinking that buildin the metameshes with after mesh wind effect would probably be much faster than loading the proxies or growFX cache files from disk. Is this correct or is there some isse I am missing with this approach?
  2. Hi there, I´m working on my first wind animation, following the official tutorial. I´m using a preset tree I found here on the forum. But the performance is so far from real time, that I need to do a hardware preview afetr every change and its a very long and tedious process. In the tutorial scrubbing the timeline and playback seem to pretty much real time, so I´m wondering if this is just due to the preset being more complex or how I could speed up my performance. I´ve also set it to display lines, but thats also not much faster. I´ve also tried hiding everything but the main trunk but thats still very slow. I´ve attached the scene file, so mabe you could take a look at it... Treeanim_001.max
  3. Ok, it just did a quick test and I get good results by simply adding a wind and animating the strength to zero after the end of the growth animation. I´d still like to know about the alembic/flex options...
  4. Hi there, We´re thinking of purchasing GrowFX to do some flower animations and I have a question: It was quite simple to do a quick growth animation, but I´d like to improve the animation by adding a flex modifier to get a little sway at the end of the animation, but that didn´t seem to work. I was wonderig if that is a limitation of the demo version? Because I read in the FAQ conversion to editable mesh is disabled there. I also tried exporting it via alembic to maybe get teh flex to work this way, but that also didn´t work. I know there is a GrowFX cache option, but is it possible with the full version to export alembic to exchange the animation with other packages or add modifiers not available otherwise? Since the promotion ends today it would be great to hear back on these questions as soon as possible...;)
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