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  1. Hi I’m looking at this thread where it looks like it is possible to export spline animation. Does anyone have more info on this? https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/722-export-growing-splines/
  2. Is GrowFX capable of exporting with a consistent vertex order? I've gotten someone to do a test for me via Upwork, but it doesn't seem to be possible. The vertices change every frame. Can anyone confirm if this is true or possible to achieve?
  3. Interested in this as well! Was there ever a solution?
  4. I'm evaluating the software right now. I'm using the Orange Tree example. I have it growing, and I'd like to export to Alembic so I can bring it to Maya. However the "Convert to Mesh" checkbox is greyed out, and if I just try to export the whole thing without that to Alembic, it doesn't work. Is this a limitation or is there some other way to export the growth to Alembic?
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