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  1. Hey Daimon, I'm no max expert, but I use this to set up a base scene for me, hope it helps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --GROW FX gfx = growfx isSelected:on $.name = "growFX" $.position = [150,0,0] $.iconSize = 10 $.material = meditMaterials[1] $.HideIcon = true $.ConvertToMesh = true --add base options to setup $.addPath("Base") $.addDistributor 1 #distr "Distributor1" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --GROUND PLANE gfxPlane = Planehelper isSelected:on $.name = "rsGrowFX_plane" $.length = 200 $.width = 200 $.infinite = on $.pos = [0,0,-0.05] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --WIND PROPERTIES gfxWind = Windhelper isSelected:on $.name = "Medium_Wind_20_wind" $.fanSize = 100 $.windSpeed = 20 $.PerturbSpeed = true $.SpeedAmount = 30 $.PerturbSpeedSize = 450 $.PerturbSpeedIterations = 1 $.PerturbVector = true $.PerturbVectorAmount = 2 $.PerturbVectorSize = 100 $.PerturbVectorIterations = 1 $.PerturbSpeedPhase = random 1 1000 $.PerturbVectorPhase = random 1 1000 $.pos = [-150,0,300] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to blend the UV's between a branch and it's parent? Or if there's a known method to do this as a post processing step on the mesh? I know this is possible in Speedtree but just not sure how it's done... I need to get rid of the hard edges between the two without resorting to using a meta mesh if possible. Thanks in advance, Richard
  3. Hello, I'm trying to understand the path react direction modifier. I have read through the help doc but can't get it to work the way I want. It is my understanding that this modifier can be used to make curves avoid one another using the reflection function. Is this correct? Please could you provide a scene or examples using the path react modifier in this way. I'm basically looking for a way to get fewer intersections between geometry for a fern for instance. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Eduard! Very strange that it doesn't update within the loop... But that's something to at least get me started for now. I appreciate you looking into this. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm new to MaxScript, so this may be a little trivial, but I'm looking for a way to convert each path in a GrowFX object to a separate mesh. Similar to how Speedtree has options to output a mesh either by node or by material... Any help here would be great. Thanks!
  6. Where can I find a link to the GrowFX help document? Specifically I'm looking for a MaxScript command reference and information about all of the different direction modifiers. I can't find any links on the website... unless I'm looking in the wrong place? Thanks
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