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  1. Hi artmonky, I know that some time passed from your last comments, but is there a chance you kept working on this? I am interested how far you have developed the workflow Best!
  2. mtc


    Hi Stig, anyone? Any progress on the Growfx and UE4? I am starting investigating this workflow- as a teaser see attached trunk one of many to come!
  3. I have a proposal for the ivy- It is great, I think would be even greater if leaves were angled more like real ones- 'searching for sun' (it's named heliotropism in real world) you can see what I mean here on Forum: https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/692-sun-as-global-vector/ maybe the same for bamboo- and also the 'rings'/ joints on the bamboo trunk are a bit too big- see link below: https://lloydgoldstein2003.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/bamboo-forest.jpg anyway- great job! I am a new Growfx user, hopefully will be able to create something similar in near future:) How long is your experience with Growfx if I can ask? cheers
  4. Great plant!, I've discovered that the trunk displacement can be made thanks to this file- thanks! I tried to make a spherical cactus, but copying the curve from stem radius is not working for me (I've also checked your file and values are different How can I copy exact curve to make needles_stem right lenght thanks! best! one more question.. Is it possible to use the similar method to create opuntia? I've searched for something like that but with no success
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