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  1. @Eduard, You are correct in understanding what I want to do. So without a checkbox for "Use last level" implemented yet, is there another way to achieve what I want to do? I had already tried ptrain03's approach and is does not give the result I am looking for, because it would eliminate or limit Path2 starting on shorter levels of Path1. Thank you, Matt
  2. Question: I want to place the start of path 2 at the tips of path 1. This would be akin to putting a single flower at the very end of a multi-branched tree limb. However, the challenge is that path 1 has multiple levels (for example 6 levels). Then there is an affect upstream causing a random chaos number for the number of levels of path 1. As an example, out of a trunk, path 1 has four branches extend. These branches extend from tip to tip, up to six levels. However, because of the chaos affect upstream, one branch has 2 levels, one branch has 5 levels, one branch has 3 levels, and one branch has 6 levels. How do I add Path 2 to ONLY start at 100% (the very end) of the LAST level of each branch? If I use a Path Position Distributor, I can set the start position to 100%, but every level of all the branches will get a path 2. If I try to use an affect upstream to limit Path2 to a level of Path 1, then Path 2 will not show up on the shorter-level branches of Path 1 at all, when I do want it to show up on the very tip. What I am looking for is a way to tell GrowFX to treat the entire multi-leveled path 1, irrespective of however many levels each stem of it has, to act as an entire single path, and then put Path 2's starting point at the very end (100% position). Can you do this? Thank you, Matt