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  1. Thanks!!! I'm gonna try XML, I'm using point cache because my client does't have growfx, and I need to send them the trees, I wonder if he can use the files if I make the calculate with growfx format.
  2. I'm sure is because the instanced geometry because if I turn them of, I have not problem
  3. Thanks for your quick answer, I'm really in a rush!!! thanks.. here is the file, damn!! sorry Eduard how can I upload the file?
  4. Hi, I'm in a real hurry delivering a project, the big problem is that after I created the tree and I'm using instanced geometry for leaves, when I create the point cache animation file, the geometry make distortion, and if I use standard leaves or I take out the leaves, then everything is ok, so how can I fix this distortion? Thanks Aldo
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