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    I don't know of any tutorials for flowering plants specifically. The basic idea would be to have a parameter in a previous path affect the angle bend, vector, and whatever other properties you need to make the petals open convincingly. In the case of flowers, the growth of the plant may have already stopped. What I would do in this case would be to add a "dummy" path that would be invisible. The length of this path would be what affects the angle bend (opening) of your petals. I have a pretty extensive tutorial on plant growth animation here: It doesn't cover flowering plants but it should cover everything you need to get there. I would also check the tutorial library on the exlevel site. There might be something there. I haven't checked in a while.
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    Wind settings is simple. Here is wind speed table Set wind speed from 1 mps (almost calm) to 5-10 mps - good wind Set stiffness for branch equal to branch length. Fore example if branch length = 1 meter, then stiffness = 1 meter. Set desired flexibility & frequency. Tweak turbulence
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    Hi Faisal, We've updated all versions of GrowFX, and now you can download the update. Thanks again!
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    Hi Everyone, Today we've updated all versions of GrowFX! We found and fixed some small bug. Thanks!
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    Thanks a lot for your file! You've very incorrect wind settings. Stiffness is very small, although it should be within the length of the branch or more. As a result, you had to set the value of the Scale frequency is also very small. Although on the other hand you got the desired result And thanks to your settings, I found the cause of the problem and fixed it now. With the usual settings it doesn't manifest itself. What is the problem: Since we fixed some problems, I described it here: So when you moved your plant some distance from the scene center, this new problem appeared, because your perturbation speed more than the speed of the wind. Now I've removed the influence of the plant position on all perturbations, and the problem has been solved. At the moment you can simply move your plant to the coordinate [0, 0]. Also later today you can download the new version when we update it on the server. I'll let you know. Thanks again!
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    Could you attach proofs? In my opinion new wind is very good! Amplitude multiplier remains the same as it was before and equals 20, but now you could adjust it. Please make viewport previews with old wind and new wind!
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    Hi Everyone, Today we've updated the full and demo version of GrowFX. We found and fixed a bug related to the incorrect opening of old versions of gfx-files. Thanks!
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