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    Thanks Eduard problem solved!
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    Version 1.9.9.


    Beaumontia. Height 4,0 m. The number of polygons 3728771. Textures included.
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    While I'm a general fan of node-based editors in many situations, and I do look forward to it in the context of GrowFX, I personally appreciate that Eduard and team have been adding new features into the current version. Many new features have saved my ass in the last year as they have been specific tasks I needed to solve and Eduard added them. I 'm personally highly thankful that new features have continued to come along. I look forward to V2. But for me I'm thinking that the node system itself is a big enough feature, by itself, to warrant a new version. I think that GFX has one of the best track records of customer support of any company I've dealt with--and a large reason for that is quick responses of features to solve customer problems.
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    Version GrowFX 1.9.9


    Verbena for the garden flower. 237198 polys. Textures are included.
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    Hi All, I completely re-made this tree as my first version was...ummm...pretty terrible. https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/518-jacaranda-mimosifolia/ So anyway, after quite a lot of trial & error, and many different versions here is the result Attached are some renders of this improved version. Cheers Jamie
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