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    Hello, last few days I was busy with making animated trees and grass for my personal project. I wanted to make trees with wind animation and scatter them with ForestPack, but I've faced with multiple issues. Finally, I've found the way how to make correct cache and use it without any problems. 1) Create tree and add Wind modifier into the After Mesh Modifiers. If you'll add Wind into Direction it will change topology and it will be unacceptable for the Point Cache modifier. 2) Turn on "Convert to mesh" option in the Properties of the GrowFX object 3) Set GrowFX Cache option to One file (For some reason File per frame generates broken animation). 4) Start caching. 5) Test results to be sure that everything is OK. 6) Add Point Cache modifier to the GrowFX object. 7) Set Point Cache record option as One file per frame (this time, for some reason, Point Cache didn't work with One file). 8) Copy your GrowFX object and convert it to mesh. 9) Add Point Cache modifier to the mesh object, and load cache. Done! Now you can scatter your tree model with an animation.
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    Это все будет в версии 2.0, там уже будет нодовый редактор, и будет возможность группировать ноды как угодно. Спасибо!
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    Hi, I dont know if this is new to anybody else but I just figured out a cool feature: When you use the Vector_dir Modifier (Direction Modifier) and go down check "Another Global Vector" and "Orientation for leaves" you can pick your sun as global vector and your leaves will direct to the lightsource like it is mostly in the nature Cheers, Tobi
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    Version GrowFX 1.9.9


    Apple tree (lat. Mālus). 620141 polys. Textures are included.
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    Hi All, I did a short tutorial to show how easy it is to modify the shape of a tree by using Geometry & the Object Slice Modifier. Hope this helps Jamie
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