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  3. Hello Samuel, you can watch this tutorial on youtube, it is regarding forestpack, but there are sections inside the video about growfx caching and proxies. Anyway, you should always use caching of your growfx vegetation when it is heavy in polycount or using metamesh. This can cause big buliding times during each frame of animation inside 3ds max environment. Regards, have a nice day
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  5. Good afternoon) I recommend these guys, in Israel, I wanted to slightly improve the condition of the yard, and order a pergola https://pergolatent.co.il I really liked the efficiency, everything was done quickly,
  6. Hello everyone! When should i use the growfx cache system or proxy system to animate some vegetation?
  7. Hello, Ok, I sent you an educational license offer. Thanks!
  8. Hello, I just added one more vector_orient_dir to the path before leaves, and set negative strenght -100 for Y, also for the leaves path change turn axis from 137,5 to 90 restrictions of leaves rotation. But maybe you wanted something different Orientation 0f leave_adjusted.max
  9. Hi, could you send me an offer for the educational license as well, please? Thank you!
  10. Dear all ; May I know, is there a way to prevent the leaves from bending upwards when applying Vector Direction in the attached images 1 and 2 . What I'm trying to achieve here is to have the leaves bending inwards right rather than upward and outward left. Hopefully somone can give some solution to this issue. Thanks in advance. Orientation 0f leave.max
  11. I use the Chinese version 2023, the same problem, growfx2.01
  12. Thanks, Edward, this is one way! But I prefer that the switch node can be executed between distributor. According to your method, I will not be able to control the parameters of the distributor independently, because they are communal!
  13. Hello 小饰X, You can use this solution for your task: I didn't use a Switch node between the 2 Distributors nodes because the Random node won't be calculated properly there. Instead, it will always return one value, since the creation of distribution sequences is performed before the generation of any pathlines, so we can't get the chaos we need. If you need to get a distribution of 20/80%, then you can create a scheme like this: (This is another example with different objects) Thanks!
  14. Hello, Edward!!! I'm just giving an example,The teapot may be a flower or a fruit! I created two path position distributor on the same parent path,The first one on the left, I set the count rate to 50%,My idea is to fill the teapot with another 50% blank branches, so that I can edit all their parameters separately,However, when I set the count rate of the second distributor on the right to 50%,The filled teapot is a random position,It is not to fill the other 50% blank branches,You can see that I changed the position of the teapot of the second distributor, some of which are overlapped with the teapot of the first distributor,I have tried many methods, but they can't solve this problem! What's the best way?
  15. Hi BoscoCKG, Can you please send me this tree file? I'll see how to fix this. Thanks!
  16. Thanks again Miroslav for resolving my technical issue regarding this. Much appreciated and have a nice day : )
  17. Hello, it can be tweaked of course further, but as a starting idea I think it is good. Meta_mesh_Branch_flatten.max
  18. Dear all: Just to check, is there an option to modify the base of the meta mesh, as such that the base is more of a flatten shape rather than a round uniform shape as attached file. May refer to the reference image in which am trying to achieve. Thanks CC Meta_mesh_Branch.max
  19. 谢谢小饰 for your reply to my issue
  20. Hello Timur, Ok, I just sent you the educational offer. Thanks!
  21. Hello, yes indeed, growFX is still evolving and improving, the future will show, but introducing version 2.0 with nodes was a huge step ahead and I am really grateful for this very much, we can help Eudard and the rest of the coding Team to suggest them new features and other improvements while we testing and using growFX on daily basis.
  22. Hello Amazingrenders, I have created example for you by using spiral direction modifier+ metamesh, this way you can achieve creating cavity shapes (botanically it is called "Callus tissue", and it is healing process when the tree get rid off old branches naturally or by human activity while shaping the trees). cavity_callus_example.max Hope it helps, happy studying the nodes and learning
  23. Greetings! Can i please get an educational offer too, if it's possible? Trying to create plant animation for my student project. If you need any validation that i'm a student i can send you all the documents.
  24. This effect can be achieved. I have a similar effect! You can refer to the documents I provided luoxuan.max
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