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  2. Hello Sean, Apologize for the delay in replying! Yes, most likely I didn't compare the actual size of the tree. You can try to rescale it using the built-in Rescale GrowFX object algorithm in the Preference parameters rollout. Thanks!
  3. Было бы замечательно сделать "включить" и "отключить" отображение сплайна. очень мешает. достаточно точек обычно. к примеру если в этом модификаторе выделить инструмент Select and Rotate отображаются только точки, но двигать к сожалению нельзя. Было бы удобно в таком режиме двигать. Ну и совсем было бы замечательно, чтоб и Rotate по осям как-то работал.
  4. Приветствую! Есть ли возможность что-то сделать с модификатором Shape? В таком режиме выбрать нужный лист и сдвинуть его целый подвиг.
  5. Here is what I am doing: I load the file in centimeters, change the system and display units to inches, save and close the file After importing to the new scene, the tree appears okay, but is much too large (due to not rescaling) I can change the scale to 39.37 but not collapse the transform, is that what you mean? will this cause any issues with animation? Thanks! Sean
  6. Hello Sean, Of course, I was able to properly scale the trees (that you sent me). Maybe you didn't completely change the units? There you need to change the display and system units, and set them up so that they are exactly the same as in the final scene where you'll import the tree. Thanks!
  7. Hello, Thanks for looking into this! I just tried the quick fix but it didn't seem to work for me. The Trunk still gets very skinny after merging even though it looks right beforehand. Did this work when you tried it? Thanks! Sean
  8. Hello Sean, Yes, we're still investigating this issue. It's strange, but it seems that earlier we already solved it, but now I see that it has reappeared. As a quick fix, you can open these trees and change the units in this scene as you wish. This will rescale the tree correctly. Then you can merge it into another scene without any problems. Thanks!
  9. Hello again Eduard- Just wondering if you were able to identify the problem/solve it. Thanks! Sean
  10. Hi guys, Opinions about render engines can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. Some popular render engines include Arnold, V-Ray, and Blender's Cycles. Each has its strengths and weaknesses in terms of features, performance, and ease of use. It's best to research and experiment to find the one that suits your specific requirements.
  11. Hi friend Hello there! Although I am personally unable to assist you with your request, you could want to look at online discussion groups or communities for GrowFX and Corona Render. They might be fantastic resources for finding specialists for your animation tasks. "Good luck!"networth
  12. Hi friend I appreciate your warm words. The GrowFX community needs to work together and support one another in order to grow and learn. Let's keep exchanging knowledge and encouraging one another to improve our abilities with this fantastic vegetation programme.networth
  13. Has anybody ever encountered this? Been working fine all along, until today. We moved from Malwarebytes to Cisco endpoint for security, and since then this error gets thrown up on this computer through network renderer which is Pulze. No error when loading max on it's own, loads the DLO without problem and can create GrowFX objects. This error comes only when trying to load max from network render manager. Tried disabling Cisco, reinstalling GrowFX, reinstalling Pulze, uninstalling GrowFX completely and reinstalling, as well as installing GrowFX 2.0.1 (Currently was on 2) nothing, no resolution. I have informed our IT services of this as well but throwing this out there to see if there is anyone else who may have experienced this. Even tried uninstalling GFX and removing it as a requirement from Pulze to see if it throws the error for any other DLO file, but it simply didn't load max at all.
  14. Thanks Eduard, I have just sent over the file!
  15. Hello guys The issue with distributor names appearing in a funny font in 1.8.6 and Max 2013 could be caused by a font-related problem or a software glitch. free fire
  16. Hello Sean, Please send me your scene file where your model needs to be converted to inches. I'll investigate this problem and try to figure out where the bug is. Thanks!
  17. Okay, I have found out that some things aren't saving after rescaling for some reason. Value Curves on mesh nodes are the main thing. I had to go in and manually rescale those after reloading, saving, and reloading again. There is something else that isn't matching up 100% and I can't find out what it is but some branches are not angled correctly- maybe another node somewhere is breaking. Either way, is this a bug?
  18. Hello, I've been trying to convert trees from cm to in for a few hours now with no luck. Every time I rescale, things look alright, then I reload the file (same units, different units, doesnt matter) and it breaks the scale again. What's the proper workflow here or is it just buggy? Thanks, Sean
  19. This is great news! I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while. Can’t wait to try it out!
  20. hello sir i want student licence

  21. mentor

    GFX Plants 101

    GFX Plants 101 is a collection of realistic 3d models of coniferous trees for 3ds max and GrowFX 1.99. You can tweak or animate many parameters and receive desired shapes and animation. Use ready 3d plants from library or make your own variations in GrowFX, adjust height, density, style and so on, tweak wind speed, plant flexibility and make looped wind animation. 3ds Max 2017+ and the latest version of GrowFX 1.99 SP11 is required. GFX Plants 101 includes -Larix decidua variations -Picea abies variations -Picea pungens variations -74 different plants -Over 200 plant’s variations for different seasons -PBR shaders for Corona, FStorm and V-Ray -High resolution 4K textures -Integration with Forest Pack library GFX Plants 101 has 2 versions: -GrowFX version (ready for animation) -Meshes only version Download GFX Plants 101 PDF catalog GFX Plants 101 release date is 1st of May. Now GFX Plants 101 is available for pre-order with 20% Off before 1st of May. Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (GrowFX + meshes) - 150 € Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (only meshes) - 100 €
  22. Hello, When I use cylinder geometry, coloring along path vertex paint works (screenshot 1), but when I switch to instanced geometry it doesn't (screenshot 2). I'm using GrowFX 2.0.0 and 3ds max 2019. How can I fix this?
  23. Hey all I am looking for experts in growfx and corona render to help me animate some scenes for some current and upcoming projects. I am not sure if this is the place to search, but if it is not, could anyone point me in the right direction?
  24. Hi Alica, Have you tried the GrowFX Cache Mode? It allows you to use any animation, including the growth animation that changes the number of vertices. Thanks!
  25. Hi, I have a suggestion for you or you can say a request for the feature. Can you please consider adding a Gizmo feature (like SpeedTree have) so we can rotate, scale each branch/leaf according to requirements. Link: https://docs8.speedtree.com/modeler/doku.php?id=art_director
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