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  2. Those models are beautiful! I love how clean your work is.
  3. That math node looks like it could be really useful for speeding up workflows. Really powerful updates!
  4. If you are looking for best 3d models of plants with animation or need unique 3d models then I can help you! My name is Konstantin Kim "3dmentor" and I'm the most experienced 3d modeler of plants in GrowFX. I made thousands of different plants - trees, palms, conifers, flowers, grasses, shrubs, cactuses and etc. I'm involved in GrowFX developing and beta-testing and know it very deep, know it's secrets and lifehacks and working with GrowFX for over 11 years. Also I could make any textures in Substance Designer for my 3d plants. Some of my 3d plants available here: https://www.facebook.com
  5. Capture GrowFX animation to cache...
  6. Hi Everyone, We have finally released GrowFX 2.0.0 with a Node Editor! For more information, see What's New in GrowFX 2.0.0 This version has a lot of innovations, so I'll not describe everything here, but you can see our new GrowFX User Manual. This manual is also available in CHM format in the installation file. We have also released GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service Pack 10). This release is intended as the final release of version 1.x. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Thanks!
  7. GrowFX All Tree in Single Fan, Single PC Have No Problem But When Backburner I Use All GrowFX Tree Are Flickering... I use GrowFX 1st Time & I Install RenderNode In All PC For Backburner. Help me. 3ds Max 2020, Corona 5 (Hotfix 2) , GrowFX 1.9.9 SP9, Backburner 2019 616072613_CornerDayCam.mp4
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  9. Very helpful, thank you. I figured it had to be vector direction but hadn't made the next step.
  10. Hi Ace3d, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Of course, we'll add this option later. I think we just need to develop some form for student registration. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I'd like to register for an education license. I would also like to know why this is not offered on the store page, cheers!
  12. Hi paladin9270, Your branches Path_02 and Path_03 have some Start% value in its PathDistributor, as a result, the branches move up following the growth of the trunk. As a result, these branches each time change their position in space relative to the pergola frame. I set some values to Start absolute instead of Start%, I also had to reset information about Bake Directions in ObjectReaction modifiers. Bake Directions is needed if the reaction object has some animation. But sometimes it can be used to speed up the calculation of the animation, so in your scene I also recorded new
  13. Hi AMD11, You can use the Vector direction modifier with the Another target surface option, but for this create a surface with a large number of evenly spaced vertices, as in the example below. Just the Vector dir modifier will look for the closest vertex and create a direction vector along its normal. Thanks!
  14. Hello Théo, We've fixed this bug and I've already sent you an update. Thanks for your bug report!
  15. Hello everybody, I have an issue with GrowFX 1.9.9 I have setted an animated blooming flower and when I scroll the timeline, 3dsmax crashes with no error message. I suspect that the animated "Orientation" and "chaos angle" of the spline direction modifier is the origin of the issue. I'm working on 3ds max 2020.3 You can check the file. Thank you very much ! Théo TEST_BLOOMING_04.max
  16. Hi, I purchased GVX a few days ago and have been experimenting with the various options. Love the plugin and can see how much I'll use it going forwards. I've bought some plant models including the GFX presets and have been using that to learn how each modifier works but I'm struggling at one point. My aim is to make a climbing plant and have managed to get the branches to follow a frame that I created. I'm now trying to get the final branches and leaves to point in one direction away from the wall as but I can't seem to make it happen with any of the direction modifiers. Any ideas
  17. Leaf flicker in growth animation,Please look at it for me. 0001.max
  18. Excuse me, I am a growfx user, but I meet a problem. It is something wrong when I use growfx to create a plant growth animation, and then use forest pack pro to distribute it on a surface. The plants are scaled incorrectly in the animation. How can I solve it?
  19. This one was done using TY Flow Similar to this
  20. Hi, Do you have a sample scene or tutorial how to simulate and animate ivy growth around an object. We have a villain character who is going to shoot out ivy at enemies and they will get wrapped up in the ivy. So we need to animate ivy coming out of him and wrapping around an enemy. is it possible? There used to be 3ds max ivy growing plugin but the latest version for 3ds max 2018. (http://www.guruware.at/main/) sample Thanks
  21. Nice, thought there would be a simple work-around. Thanks!
  22. Hi tj123, Of course, you just need to right-click on your GrowFX model in the viewport, and select a menu item like in my screenshot: Thanks!
  23. Hi, I'm not too experienced with 3dsmax, but is it possible to export just the splines/lines of the tree in a single time-frame? I don't really need the mesh file at the moment. Many thanks!
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