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  4. I'm sorry my English is not good. I have a problem with vertex shading. After I finished in 3ds max, I exported the obj format and imported it into MAYA. How can I achieve the vertex shading effect shown in 3DS MAX? The renderer I use is Arnold.
  5. Hello all, If any of you have problems with flickering/disapearing leaves, try the following steps which solved my problem so far. Go to line mode and check which part is causing problems. In my case usually its branch 2 or 3. Then I changed amplitude multiplier to something between 1-5 in all wind modifiers which made it much better but there still were some minor issues. So I also decrease "Steps" value from 3 cm to 1cm (generally needs more detail) and this works for me so far, no flickering or disapearing branches/leaves. No modifiers causing problems for me as was mentioned above. Hope this helps
  6. Hi Zippy, Version 2.0 will be completed soon. After the release, we'll try to implement the standalone version. Thanks!
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  8. Hi Aditya, No, there is no such modifier. It's better to cut the mesh, and grow ivy separately. Thanks!
  9. Hi djanim8, Please, see how best to evenly distribute the stems: Distr_Grasses_max2017.max Thanks!
  10. Not sure how to delete this. I figured it out.
  11. I've been trying something new and can't seem to figure out if it's possible. I have a GrowFX object with a distributor with a higher count, and high chaos offset. I'd like the splines to angle more the farther away from the center of the GFX object they are. Is there a way to do this? I can't seem to find a way to make it work. Attempting to make something like this:
  12. Hi I am working on a project in which i have to grow 2 Ivy's on the fence, i don't want both the ivy's to overlap each other or pass through each other. Is there any modifier which can help me get this result or will i have to cut mesh the manually and grow on each one seperately?
  13. Update: I tried to reassign the materials in 3ds max for the ivy (growfx) but still the result is same.
  14. Thanks Eduard for your time in solving my queries in regard to this topic.
  15. Hi I have grown a ivy on pole. And I want to get the GrowFX animation into Modo. In max i have assigned multi/sub-Object to Grow fx (attached image of same). I tried exporting animation in alembic format and also as vray proxy but the materials are not coming properly in modo. (preview from Modo) These are all the steps i tried: 1) Exported single frame as alembic from max to modo and shaders workes properly. 2) Exported animated vrscene from max to modo but in this case the grow fx doesnt load at all in modo only the pole mesh can be seen. 3) Exported animated alembic from max, opened the alembic file in modo but non of the part tags are coming for Grow fx. 4) Tried loading alembic as a Vray proxy in modo, this time the Grow fx part tags are displayed but the Materials are messed up as can be seen in the image. I also tried rendering few frames from the animated sequence and the material flickers for each frames. Attached images of same (Animated preview from Modo). Can anyone help me with this issue? Thank you
  16. Hi Shawn, Yes of course, we're going to add this browser, but only after release 2.0. Thanks!
  17. Hi avihcc, Apologize for the late response! Look at my settings in this file: Direction of leaves_1.max, I just added the starting path for the leaves, which grows a little upwards. Thanks!
  18. Also - as a sidenote Exporting alembic as singelframe preserves the Material ID correctly also the normal/smoothing looks fine on singelframe. Its when i export with animation it bugsout.
  19. Hi Dont know if its supported or not. But I am having some issues with exporting the growFX to Alembic. Special the MaterialID looks strange. If you look at the this GIF https://imgur.com/sjbhpLc You can see it starts ok, but then suddenly snaps - and you can see some areas with the original ID (The red and green spots) I want to get the GrowFX animation over in to houdini for scattering and otherFX's Cheers -Mats
  20. Hello, we are also voting for the stand alone version. I'm waiting since the day you wrote, that there will be a Version in the future. How is the status? Greetings
  21. It would be nice if GrowFX had a library browser similar to the one that comes with Forest Pack. It would be nice also if GFX would come with a preinstalled collection of plants in a default library. Finally, it would be good if you could add paths to GFX libraries that might be shared (on the LAN, for example).
  22. Hi Aaron, I am pretty sure the point cache won't work if the polycount changes. All it does is change the position of existing verts in order to prevent calculating bones, morphs, etc. I have exported proxies for this but you end up having hundreds of proxies per plant, (one for each frame). This does work. It is probably the way you will need to go if you need proxies. I haven't done it in a very long time, however, I think I remember it being pretty easy. There may be a better way to convert a growing animation to a mesh. I am just not aware of it ( the last time I did it was 2012 )
  23. Hi Eduard: May I know how can i adjust the direction of the leaves as in my reference images 1.jpg Attached herewith the working files for your adjustment if necessary. Thanks & Regards CC Direction of leaves.max
  24. Hello, I am having an issue with some branches that I'm trying to animate. The thing is that thau have to grow from 0, and at the end to start moving with the wind. I need to collpase them into mesh, but the point cache does not work.
  25. Hello, I am trying to cache a wind simulation. It works perfectly fine if I record it in "one file" but as soon as i activate "one file per frame" mode with a number of threads above 1 the resulting cached animation looks chaotic. Works fine if I limit the threads to 1 though Is there something I did wrong? Thanks for your help cheers Alex
  26. After further testing, I think I have the issue isolated to Backburner. I merged the xrefs into one file, and the same issue happens. Before submitting a job to Backburner, the GrowFX objects are animating fine. But for some reason, when the job is submitted to Backburner, the animation disappears. After it's been submitted, updating the GrowFX object geometry no longer display in the viewport (though lines will still display. Are there any known issues with backburner and growfx?
  27. Actually I think I have the problem solved... There was a local vector and a growfx plane in the original Maxtree file that I didn't import. I had fixed that last night, and I think I just didn't remember to update the xref before sending the job to backburner. But it looks like everything is working now as it should. Edit: Maybe not... I rendered out one sequence and it worked, then rendered another and the issue returned.
  28. Hey there, I've been having an issue with wind animations not rendering in xref'd scenes. I merged some maxtree assets (1 tree and two grass objects) into a working file, and I added wind animation (using the After Mesh modifier version of wind). Those assets are used in a forest pack object. In that base file everything animates correctly, but then I have that scene xref'd into a master file. Once they have been xref'd the wind animation disappears, and the grass is no longer visible in the viewport. The tree is still visible, but the animation is gone. The scene renders fine, except the plants are all static. Are there any known issues with xref-ing a Forest Pack object that uses animated growfx objects? I can upload the file here if needed. Thanks!
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