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  2. Hi Steve, I need to look at your model to understand what you're doing wrong. Thanks!
  3. I have instanced flowers that are attached to the end of the branch paths. The leaves on the branches scale up fine as the branches geow in length but I cannot seem to do this with anything attached to the end of the branch. Is this possible ?
  4. hi! i had the same problem, i installed a previous version sp5 and everithing work now for me
  5. Old thread but has multithreading been implemented ? I can drag the slider whilst the plant grows and it chugs and seems to only use 2% cpu power. I have 64 threads on my Ryzen so that is frustrating !
  6. Hi. I'm also in the same situation. I have sent a message to the above email address. Really could do with this sorted asap please.
  7. I am experiencing the same issue with Max 2018/2019 and 1.9.9 SP8 and SP9. Trying to grow some simple ivy over an object, the first object direction on the main splines work, but when I add the second spline paths with another object direction in constantly crashes when I hit update. Any ideas anyone?
  8. Hi David, I sent you an update, but I forgot to send you the max-file: DistributionOnPlane_1.max Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the detailed response. I'm using max2020 if you could send me the update that would be brilliant! David
  10. Hello martijnbrands, Thanks for your bug report! We fixed the bug, and now your file can be opened. I sent you an update... Thanks again!
  11. ok i added some pictures, as you can see the geometry of the flowers and leafs are intersecting, i would like to know a trick to prevent this, not having to edit the model in polyedit.. :-)
  12. Hi handshaker, We fixed some troubles with Affects, for some reason they didn't work from Surface Distributor to its Distributor in point parameters. Here's how it should look: Here I used only gradient textures in the Affect > Factor map settings: Spiral map - rotates the Angle axis, which is set 360 degrees. 2 radial maps - needed to influence on the Angle bend, Length and Vector strength. We'll release this update soon, but I can send you if you need it urgently. Just tell me your 3dsMax version. BTW, here is how it might look in version 2.0: Here I used the distance to this plane, to reduce the Angle bend and length. But I think that with radial gradients it looks better. Thanks!
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  14. Hi, Thanks Eduard for getting back on the last topic. On my next plant I'm stuck on generating a distributor pattern like below. I've attached an image showing the bush I'm trying to duplicate as well. I'm starting off with a surface distributer (a rectangular polygon), and I want to vary both the orientation and the height of the distributer splines as per the diagram, so: - the closer you are to the edge the shorter the path is - the orientation of the splines goes out in a radial path from the centre. The Point distributer looks promising, but only seems to provide a circular pattern. Any ideas?
  15. Hello everybody, I made 3 versions of an acer palmatum and I was very happy with it. But today I want to open my file (wich I attached in this topic) and it's crashing when it's loading the growfx file. Can somebody try to open the file, maybe its working on your computer. And if so, I would be very happy when you send me the file (maybe a different file name or something?) I am using 3d 3d max 2019. And by the way it is not a virus, just beautifull trees:) Thanks! acer palmatum definitief.max
  16. Hello I am experiencing a lot of crashes when using growfx with object reaction modifier. I am trying to build an ivy creeping on a wall (simple plane in this case) and have automatic update in viewport turned on. I am using max 2018 and growfx 1.9.9 SP8 Many thanks
  17. Thanks Eduard, I re-made the tree library today by re-point caching with the new grow fx version installed and things are working now. Sure wish that installer was the one I downloaded last week before I wasted a frustrating weekend though! Cheers
  18. Hi Spatial, We fixed some bug in the Wind modifier, and this problem is solved. What is your 3ds Max version? I can send you an update. Thanks!
  19. Hi Eduard, Have just purchased GrowFx this week for a huge project due soon and am getting crazy results in vray next using vray proxy with point cache & Max 2020 My workflow (with Maxtree libraries) is: 1.) Optimise trees down to around 250k polys (reducing leaf density, swapping metameshes to cylinders, optimizing faces and increasing steps on branches) 2.) Add wind modifiers to aftermesh 3.) Record animation with point cache (100 frames) 4.) remove point cache, convert growfx to mesh then to vray proxy mesh 6.) Paste point cache back on the VrMesh In the attached video you can see the issues when rendering. Its far better when doing a viewport render, but still has the odd branch disappearing Do you have any idea why this happening? The library scene render also has far fewer issues than the project scene render. The only changes in the project scene are proxy rotation & scale. They are all instanced in there. I have to use proxies and point cache to keep the scene manageable. I still need to add a few more shrub and tree types to this scene but after my first overnight test render, I'm hesitant to keep going with this workflow with such unpredictable results. Cheers. GrowFx_AnimationIssues.mp4
  20. Hi handshaker, Have you already found a solution to this issue? There you just need to add an Affect from Parameter: Path position to Offset of the same distributor, and turn on the curve for the Factor parameter. The curve shape should be similar to the curve of the trunk radius. Offset should be equal to 1.0. In GrowFX 2.0, this will be easier to configure... Thanks!
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