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  4. Hi there, I need help please - I'm submitting renders today and I can't troubleshoot the problem I'm having with my palm shrub. As you can see from the attached images, I have created a large palm shrub, and all looks fine in the gfx file. Nothing different from usual. However, when rendering, the leaves only render up to a certain point on the branch, and then nothing. I switched on 2-sided leaves on the mesh builder...no difference. It's not a material issue, because I tested with a default grey colour and it's the same issue. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!
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  6. any news on growfx 3dsmax 2025 version?
  7. Hello, Please email me your license Serial number to support@exlevel.com Thanks!
  8. If you're having trouble deactivating your license, reach out to the customer support team for assistance. They can guide you through the process and troubleshoot any issues you're experiencing. Providing detailed information about your situation will help them resolve the issue more efficiently. Don't hesitate to seek help – they're there to assist you.
  9. i cached my files to my hdd then i loaded 1 of those with the browse button after that in the browse location is only the file name ,... not the location copy paste the real path in the browse location fixes the location, but browse is broken!
  10. Thank you for your quick reply. Animation functionality is not required. I want to use Count Rate to adjust the amount of fruits and leaves. First get the Count Rate, adjusts it increased by two times with the script, and passes it. etc. Change the way branches grow using Seed Offset This also first obtains the Seed offset, adjusts it increased by two times with the script, and passes it. etc. (It is necessary to access it with a script in order to create many variations.) I would be really happy if I could access them from a script. I will email you Thank you very much.
  11. Hello ichi5b77, Yes, these parameters are not animated, so they are not available in MaxScript. But we can add them programmatically. Do you need it only for Distributors? Please email me at support@exlevel.com and I'll send you an update later. Thanks!
  12. I am currently using the demo version (v1.1.9sp11) of GrowFX in 3DSMAX2023. I am testing whether I can create many variations of trees from MAX script. Parameters in Distributors Count Rate % Seed offset: I want to input and output these two values from a script. However, since the property is not found, is it not possible to access it?
  13. speedtree has this also, but we are using growfx! would be sooo insane
  14. Hi Denis_D, Yes of course, I just deactivated your old activations on the server side, and now you can activate again. Thanks!
  15. Hi, can you deactivate my lisences please? denis@gnet3d.com Thank you
  16. Not mention that this setup is pretty tricky to control and understand that also works only as a test not on a real structure. I would ask you pls to add any Vector Dir also (affected by position) on a parent level and see what happens (see pic) (assuming you would say to change Global Vector to Local.. but it breaks things and no more working as right vector for that invented method) I assume having something simpler would be less confusing. For instance an 'affect by range' or something where you specify kinda 'range filter' and select 1 of every 2/3/4... etc. based on path number (or position if you call it) Then feeding any parameter needed into that group/mask.
  17. Maybe add the Vector Direction for starting paths? Also you need to change some settings, please see my screenshot: Why do you think that affectors work only for one? Thanks!
  18. Damn that setup is cool ! Thanks but.. anything we can do to 100% mimic the original alternating pattern ? (again, with no added extra cont distributor, since affectors work only for one)
  19. Hi Archi, Maybe still use an additional path and a distributor to set the starting vector? Here's an example of what it might look like: Result: Thanks!
  20. Hi Eduard I have never thought that would be an issue for growfx... but. Just need your quick evaluation. Goal: to get controllable angle within SINGLE path distributor while 'turn axis' stay 180 The pictures should do much of explanation here: I managed to map the path position to kinda select 'Every Second Path' and feed a different angle axis into it - works BUT... That frankenstein collapses once you need to change either path randomization/length/density etc. so Am I missing any other trick with math/affectors to bind it properly ?
  21. Hi mixocg, Yes of course, I deactivated your old activations on the server side... Thanks!
  22. Hi Eduard, could you pls deactivate mine too, have fresh windows and not getting a deactivation code
  23. hi Eduard, https://docs.unrealengine.com/4.27/en-US/AnimatingObjects/PivotPainter/PivotPainter2/ after "create hierachy of meshes" just use this script and you get 2 maps, these are containing index ,transform and the hierachy which we can use inside unreal to deform the plant they are using this trick to save all that data into maps instead of having many seperate objects that are drawn slowly (i attached the end result of a small plant with the maps and the script) i attached the script PivotPainter2.ms Plant.rar
  24. Hello Hany, Your previous activations have been successfully deactivated on the server side. You can now proceed to reactivate them. Thank you. Best regards,
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  26. Hi schellicon, What should this map look like? Can you send me an example model with this map? Thanks!
  27. Hey Eduard, I don`t know i ever thanked for the "create hierachy of meshes" ... This is sooo insane! Takes sometime to get bigger things converted , but i tested it with the pivot Painter script to unreal and got really cool results ! but: it takes sooooo long! if you could do another button to export just the maps the pivot painter script exports would be so much faster. The info you need you have already inside, exporting those data to those map skips mesh generation and should save hours !! would be soo megacool if you could implemt this thanks!!
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