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  3. Hi schellicon, Can you send your file in v1.9.9, which you can't convert to v2.0? I just tested the conversion and everything works fine. Thanks!
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  5. Christopher

    Manila palm

    Version 1.9.9 sp9

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    Adonidia merrillii, the Manila palm, is a palm tree species native to the Philippines (Palawan and Danjugan Island), and Malaysia (Sabah). This palm was cultivated for centuries in East Asia before becoming a staple in the West. It is reportedly naturalized in the West Indies and Florida.[3] It is commonly known as the "Christmas palm" because its fruits become bright scarlet and tend to be that color in winter. This palm is typically fairly small and slender, normally attaining 15–25 feet in height but has attained 36 feet grown in greenhouse conditions. Most plants maintain 5-7 fronds when young, gradually building up the crown as the palm ages, and sometimes reaches 10-12 fronds when mature.
  6. i downloaded v2beta today again and tested some things,... every tree i converted crashed max missing distorded lines (line mode) with after mesh direction modifiers ( comparing to v1.9.9) are you adding these in the final build? would be not so great to toss them :/
  7. Hi kumaran, You can use the Point cache modifier with the One file per frame option, then you'll have several files of small size. Thanks!
  8. Eduard

    My 2020 work .

    Amazing works! Thanks a lot!
  9. really cool to see the scan integration! Beautiful models!
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  11. Here are the renders I did to showcase my models of Globe Cherry - Prunus Eminens 'Umbraculifera' trees made in 3dsmax with the growfx plugin. The trunks are 3d scanned using Reality Capture photogrammtry software. 8K textures generated from 40 million triangle scanned meshes. Aproximately 200K – 300K tris for each retopologized trunk model, small details are in the normal maps, no displacement is used. You can purchase the models at my gumroad page: http://gum.co/globecherry Available in the following formats: ● 3dsmax 2014 file with Vray 3.6 materials ● 3dsmax 2014 file with Corona materials ● Vray proxy export ● Corona proxy export ● FBX export ● OBJ export ● GrowFx files version 1.9.9 SP8
  12. Beautiful ! These really show off the variety the variety of plants you can make in grow FX. Absolutely stunning.
  13. Hi . Just want to show some my render with all plants create in Growfx.
  14. Hi wxyz, Version 2.0 has no special conversion tools. You can convert just like any other 3ds Max objects. To record point cache files, you must use the 3ds Max PointCache modifier. Thanks!
  15. I think you would have to do all of point caching outside of the growfx object. You would create the growFX with animation, then in the stack add a point cache modifier. Within the point cache modifier, you export the cache file to the format you need. The point cache file you create should work for any mesh object as long as the vertex count doesn't change. I don't think you would be able to reload this file into the growFX object because it's not really a mesh. It's just a series of instructions that builds a mesh. The built mesh is accessed up the stack. hope it helps. I am still in v1.99 (upgrading soon ), so v2 could be different. It looks like 1.99 handles the .gfxcache files the same way though.
  16. Version 2 doesn't seem able to save out a compatible format. Thanks for responding.
  17. Could you just use a point cache modifier in the stack? This should get you the formats you need. I haven't done this in a long time but I think I am pretty sure I just used the modifier.
  18. How do you convert to Alembic or point cache with Version 2.0?
  19. Trying to do this with version 2. The only available cache format is .gfxcache How can I load this into point cache which only accepts pc2 and xml files?
  20. Hello CG Gardener, This has been fixed for a long time, you can check it in the updated version. Thanks!
  21. Hi white_wizard, Apologize for the delay in replying! You can create an Affect node from Parameter: Path Position from a distributor node for the main branches, and from this Affect node create a connection to the Stiffness or Flexibility of the wind node. Also don't forget to add a Curve node with a falling curve for the Factor parameter of the Affect node. Or you can adjust the Decay radii for the wind fan helper, and position this wind fan above the tree so that there is a large radius at the bottom and a smaller radius at the top of the tree. Radii can be large to cover more trees if you have more than one. Thanks!
  22. Hi Rokas, Today we've already fixed this problem, please try the new update from the User panel. Thanks!
  23. Hi Rokas, I tried to open your dump file, but I can't figure out where the error occurs. Our GrowFX.dlo file is protected, so we can't investigate the dump files. Have you played with this connection and sometimes you got a crash? Can you send me this gfx file? Thanks!
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