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  2. I'm completely new to GrowFX, this was my very first day playing with it, but I'm already amazed Till this time I've faced only one inconvenience. Although GrowFX's wind is far the best wind simulation solution I ever worked with, it can slow down the interaction in the viewports a lot, especially if there are multiple simulated GrowFX objects in the scene. It would be great to have an On / Off switch in the Wind Helper object that turned On / Off all the connected wind simulator nodes in all involved plants. This way we could speed up the VP performance when animating, then turned On again when rendering... I hope it make sense. Thanks.
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  5. Hello Eduard, I am a 3d Student from Germany and would be interested in an educational license too. I would be really happy if you could provide me with one too. Best regards Lena
  6. Hi Eduard, same problem here, I just bought GrowFX for "wind animation" but with version 2.0 I can't match the tutorial online. A new one it would be very appreciate! Thx!
  7. That will be briliant! Because now is not possible to do some procedural system, which is used across the scene (like ivy) and modify it after. Thanks for any future update. I really like and prefer GFX even you definitely have a big competition on the market.
  8. Hi mad, We tried this before, but it didn't work. If you've an instanced object, then it's completely instanced, and you can't make different input parameters. I've an idea to implement a new modifier that will overwrite public input parameters. And then you can clone the GrowFX object as a reference object, and apply this modifier like Bend in this screenshot: Thanks!
  9. Hi, its possible to instance gfx object, but for each instance have unique input parameters?
  10. Hey guys need solution .... I've installed Grofx 2... and when we are trying to load the plugin it asks for activation all the time even after successfully activating the plugin. The plugin is not loading
  11. Hello Rehmatullah, Can you check if the plugin is loaded in the 3dsMax plugin manager? Thanks!
  12. JAY

    GrowFX 2.0.0 Render node version For 3ds Max 2022

    Please Update It

  13. Hi Rubberji, Yes, this only works in GrowFX 1.9.9. In version 2.0 there are no Path and Distributor components, instead it uses nodes. And we've not yet implemented MaxScript access to the nodes and their properties, because we don't know how much users will need it. But in any case, we're planning to add MaxScript functions for accessing nodes. Thanks!
  14. Hi! Eduard! I can use the expression perfectly in GrowFX1.9.9, but the expression does not work under the same setting in GrowFX2.0. The error in the Listener is "- Unknown property: "Path_01" in $GrowFX001", how to solve this What's the problem? excuse me!
  15. Hey, Here is our best 3ds max training that will provide you with all answers to your query. So, visit here to know more about 3ds max. Here you will find the full 3ds max information that helps you to find and fix the bug in 3ds Max.
  16. !! I am very happy to receive your reply, I will try to use this method to complete
  17. Hi Rubberji, Maybe you should try using the MaxScript command for the Point Distribution? <growfx>.<path>.<distributor>.AddPoint <point_object> With this, you can create a looping over a set of points. For example, select your GrowFX object and run this script: gfx = $ Then select all points and run the following script: for pt in selection do ( gfx.Path_01.PointDistr_01.AddPoint pt ) Don't forget to rename the "Path_01" and "PointDistr_01" components as they may have other names. Here you can see other MaxScript commands: https://exlevel.com/growfx-manual/MaxScript.html Thanks!
  18. I am a project worker using Maya. I'll make individual assets of vegetation in GrowFX, adjust the number of low planes, and then import them into Maya for a preview distribution of vegetation. I tried replacing the Growfx body with Max's clone, and the wind dynamics were the same. Then I found the Point Distributor, which perfectly clones and replaces, but only one at a time in the face of massive replacement work. I wonder if you can add a batch selection button <pick list>, thank you very much (my English is poor, the above is the use of translation software).
  19. I have the same problem. I tried to make a model using Object Reaction to interact with GrowFX, but the feedback I got was pretty stiff. After that, I interacted with the Wind controller, which also had a stiff effect when the Wind field touched and disappeared. You want to provide a button to animate a path or model with a time-lapse effect. My English is poor, so I used a translation software and hope it won't cause any trouble
  20. I have individual license which have 2 activations. i have successfully installed it in my home pc but in office pc after installing plugin it doesn't appear in 3ds max. i have reinstall multiple time but its not showing in 3ds max.
  21. update: looks like converting to editable mesh fixed it. I was using editable poly
  22. actually just adding the box as object reaction and the dragging time slider crashes max because of animated branches by the wind.
  23. Hi, Here is the scene. If you go to dead branches and add object reaction as box then click copy then go to branches 2 and paste max 2020 will crash Or animate tree and add object reaction box for branches and scrub timer will crash it Thanks 1636312439_growfxcrash.max
  24. Hi cb2000, Can you send me this scene file? Thanks!
  25. it still crashes. So if I animate my tree bending using wind and there is Object reaction modifier (like an asphalt a tree is falling onto) in after mesh modifiers section the program will crash max if I scrub time line
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