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  4. Remember, achieving the perfect arrangement might require some trial and error. Adjustments to the positioning, angles, and density of the planes may need to be fine-tuned to achieve the desired fuller and evenly distributed look from various viewing angles.
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  7. Hello, I just deactivated your old activations on the server side, and now you can activate again. Thanks! 我刚刚在服务器端停用了您的旧激活,现在您可以再次激活。 谢谢!
  8. 重新安装系统,无法停用旧代码,无法激活 jianfanzhan@gmail.com
  9. A cache or proxy system can significantly boost network performance and efficiency by storing frequently accessed data closer to users. This not only reduces latency but also lightens the load on the origin server, improving overall responsiveness and user experience. These systems are essential for content delivery and can enhance the reliability of web services, making them indispensable for modern digital infrastructure.
  10. I apologize, but I don't have access to real-time data or updates beyond my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022. Therefore, I cannot provide information about specific updates or features in GrowFX version 2.0.0 or any subsequent versions that may have been released after my last training data update. To find out what's new in GrowFX version 2.0.0 or any other version, I recommend visiting the official website of the software, checking the release notes provided by the developer, or referring to user documentation and community forums related to GrowFX. These sources should provide you with detailed information about the latest features, improvements, and changes in the software.
  11. Hello yunduan, Ok, we'll try to implement this in the next version. It's just that if no GrowFX object is selected, then for this we need to clear the nodes area and block all UI, menus, toolbars, etc. Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much for your promptness, much appreciated
  13. Здравствуйте! Я деактивировал Ваши активации на стороне сервера, можете активировать снова. Спасибо!
  14. Добрый вечер, к сожалению, столкнулся с той же проблемой, не могу деактивировать лицензии, выдает ошибку.
  15. How I can achieve this kind of clumping?
  16. I managed to do something but I can't achieve the clamping at some spots:
  17. Would it be possible to create this kind of feather with growfx
  18. Also just had this same error. any luck solving it? This was also in a scene without growfx... it wasn't being used for this project!
  19. Experiencing choppy playback with cached Grow FX animations. Likely due to high memory usage or insufficient GPU power. Try optimizing your scene, reducing polygon counts, or upgrading your hardware for smoother playback.
  20. Hello, No problem, I just deactivated your old activations on the server side, and now you can activate again. Thanks!
  21. 我不知道为什么。我的1.99sp11无法激活或停用,但2.00版本一切正常。我的邮箱是1039247320@qq.com。请求帮忙。
  22. Hello, my monitor size is 43 inches, 3840x2160 resolution. I usually use Maxto to divide the desktop into four parts, so I can have more operating space The problem I am currently facing is that when I create growfx2.0, as long as I select other geometry, the growfx2.0 interface will disappear. It will only appear after being re selected. Is there any way to keep growfx from disappearing
  23. Офигеть! Случайно увидел shape модификатор!!! это же шикарно!!!)))))
  24. Привет Эдуард! Снова проблема с рандомом... настраиваю я значит форму дерева, отключив мелкие ветки, настроил хорошо, потом включаю мелкие и все портится... обновление последнее. Пробовал с нуля создавать систему, думал может изза того что этот гроу объект из версии в версию перешагивал и что то нарушилось, но нет, с нуля просто создав 6 или 7 путей друг на друге без всяких модификаторов с каждым включением-выключением путей их расположение меняется.. на картинках до-после Спасибо!
  25. They don't show up as Maxtree blueprints, what could it be?
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