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  2. blackzorn


    thank you !!!
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  4. Can you please add some to auto create billboards planes and textures of a tree or bush ? this will help a lot.
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  6. LightSyndrome

    Crush Problems

    Hi eduard. I have a crhs problem with jacaranda tree from 3Dmk. Can you help me? When i open the file this crush. Im work on 1.9.9 sp6 on 3d max 2017 3DMK_Treeline_Jacaranda mimosifolia-jacaranda_GFX 1.max
  7. Eduard

    My plant collection 2018

    Hi Bzuco, Great plants! Will be very cool, if you add them to the user plants library... Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi Sajith83, Need to use the Vector orientation modifier with Another target surface option. Can you please send me this scene file, and I'll help you to configure it. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Does anyone know a way for GrowFX to get normals from a surface? As far as I know, it just takes into account the creation orientation of the surface, not the sub-object normal. For example I want the ivy leaves to face away from whatever surface it's attached to, but for the life of me can't get it to do that. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Bzuco

    My plant collection 2018

    Hi, this year I started modeling plants. Some of them could by better. Only few of them was created according to a real template. For the rest I used mostly google pictures or youtube videos. Every plant took me approximately 4 hours to complete. Most time I spent studying how the plant looks Hold my fingers, I still need to create a few plants Abies Koreana Abies Lasiocarpa Compacta Amelanchier Lamarckii Buxus Sempervirens Carex Buchananii Bronze Carex Comans Amazon Mist Caryopteris Clandonensis Catalpa Bignoinoides Nana Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellwoodii Coreopsis Grandiflora Early Sunrise Dianthus Caryophyllus Echinacea Purpurea Fatal Attraction Gaura Lindheimeri Compacta Grossularia Uva Crispa hedera Helix Hibiscus Syriacus Hydrangea Arborescens Hydrangea Macrophylla Lavandula Angustifolia Leucanthemum Hybridum Liquidambar Styraciflua Malus Domestica Miscanthus Sinensis Gracillimus Morus Alba Pendula Parthenocissus Tricuspidata Pennisetum Alopecuroides Philadelphus Coronarius Virginal Phlox Subulata Physocarpus Opulifolius Diabolo Pinus Mugo Humpy Prunus Avium Prunus Fruticosa Prunus Laurocerasus Etna Ribes Rosso Rudbeckia Fulgida Goldsturm Salvia Nemorosa Ostfriesland Sedum Spectabile Spiraea Japonica Golden Princess Stipa Tenuissima Thuja Occidentalis Danica Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd Thuja Orientalis Aurea Nana Vaccinium Corymbosum Weigela Florida
  11. Turbogang

    Schizolobium Parahyba

    very nice
  12. Turbogang

    Pittosporum undulatum

    very nice
  13. Turbogang


    very nice
  14. Turbogang

    Palm Kentia

    very nice
  15. Turbogang

    Fraxinus Exelsior

    very nice
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  17. It is somehow possible to render leaves as separate instances in corona same way like in scanline/mental ray? Or it is exactly same as in vray, that all tree is converted into a single mesh and all benefits from instance are gone? Turn combine meshess off gives me a little less memory consumption, but it is still far away from proper instances. I can generate instances and then use maxscript to convert all instances into forestpack object ...to increase viewport performance, but when I need to change tree shape, then I need to repeat this procedure again which is not practical and also generating takes some time.
  18. Krrol

    Schizolobium Parahyba

    Version 1.9.9


    Schizolobium Parahyba. Height 10 m. The number of polygons 168849. Textures included.
  19. Krrol

    Pittosporum undulatum

    Version 1.9.9.


    Pittosporum undulatum Height 4,2 m. The number of polygons 1589517. Textures included.
  20. polybean

    Workflow for games

    Hi, we currently consider buying GrowFX to create trees for games in Unity. I noticed there isn't a tool for automatic LOD or billboard creation, at least in the trial version. Also I wonder if it is possible (and not time consuming) to map leafs from different trees to a texture atlas. What would be a good workflow to have nice trees with good performance? How do you guys do it? Do you use other plugins for LOD and billboard creation or simply duplicate the GrowFX tree and reduce geometry in the mesh component? Thanks, Lea
  21. Hi Bzuco, Ok, we'll check and try to fix it asap. Thanks!
  22. Krrol


    Version 1.9.9.


    Tuckeroo Tree. Height 3.3 m. The number of polygons 1407568. Textures included.
  23. Mario

    Hedge Clematis

    Works quite well I think, but has a bit CGI look to it.
  24. Mario


    Good model, looks very belivable, I have just tweaked materials a bit.
  25. ...also right click and select clear on GorwFX Multimap - Input Map doesn not refresh map slot. max 2018.4
  26. Hi, if I am using "Go Forward to Sibling" button in Corona MultiMap, GrowFX MultiMap does not refresh map slots. Video in attachment. Bzuco GrowFXmultiMap.mp4
  27. Eduard

    Improved interface for Vertex Color variations

    Hi Terri, To increase the gradient, just drag the line-bar at the bottom of the gradient. To delete the flag, drag it out of the gradient and it will be deleted. Thanks!
  28. Hi Eduard, I love the vertex color option within GrowFX, but I find the interface a bit limiting - especially the Coloring along Paths option. It would be great to have a larger gradient, and the option of deleting flags that are inserted accidentally. Thanks
  29. Ok, we'll fix this in the near future. Thanks!
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