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  2. Hi. Is there a way to increase or decrease the size and overall structure of the tree based on the age? If not, I'd like to propose that as a feature.
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  4. To export Point Cache to FBX, you have to create Selection Set of the object. It'll enable you to export Point Cache animation to fbx. You'll have to select 'selection set' in FBX export settings.
  5. Hey I am using growFX with the wind animation. I want to use animated tree in UE4. so how can i use that animated tree in UE4.. I have tried point cache but it works in Max. but when i export as a FBX animated object and import in UE4, there is no animation import, i can see just static mesh. So if any one have sollution for the same please let me know.. Thank You very much...
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  7. Nope! You can't do that. GrowFX has no information about your mesh. It doesn't know about its branches. It has to be GrowFX object to be able to animate it. So first you have to create it in GrowFX. Check out some tutorials on creating grass. I'm sure It wouldn't take much time for you to create that grass from your screenshot. Aside from your question, Is that GrowFX 2.0?? Where did you get that?
  8. Faisal, correct. I drew the grass as an editable mesh within 3dsMax. I did not use growFX to create it. So, I'm wondering if I can take my static editable grass mesh and "animate" it using GrowFX using wind so that the grass blows around. I have followed the tutorials on how to create basic "grass" from scratch using GrowFX. But I would prefer not to have to do that if I already have my static grass asset built.
  9. I don't think I understand your question
  10. You mean after you converted it to Editable Mesh? You can't revert it back.
  11. Hey all, is it possible to apply a wind animation to a grass mesh that I've already built? If so, are there any tutorials on how this can be accomplished? I'm new to growFX so I'm not quite sure where to start. Thanks!
  12. Dear Eduard, I am a student in urban design and planning in Turkiye, could you send me educational license offer? Thank you!.
  13. Hi Eduard, Thanks for getting back to me. I'll try that thanks!
  14. Hi @Eduard, i'm and Architecture student from Italy, i would like ask you an offer for educational license of Growfx. Thanks
  15. Hi godstepson, Of course, the metamesh doesn't satisfy some requirements, so we plan to develop a new algorithm soon. I looked at your file, and this bubble comes from the trunk. The trunk ends with a hemisphere, because the roots are close, and therefore the metamesh can end only with a metasurface. You can try to create another path at the beginning of the trunk, directed down, which will be the starting path for the roots, maybe you can get rid of this bubble. Branches also use some distance to create a metasurface, otherwise artifacts are possible. We chose this distance to completely eliminate all artifacts. Thanks!
  16. Hi Eduard I'm student from Spain. Can you sent me the your offer for an education license? Thanks you
  17. Hi i hope it isn't too late but i am also seeking an educational licience to familiarise myself with Growfx, im a 3D animator currently improving my skills in 3ds.
  18. Hi Eduard, Were you able to find a solution to the metamesh problem?
  19. Hi phambadung and Rolygr, Ok, I've sent you our offer for an educational license... Thanks!
  20. Hi Eduard!! I'm studying architecture in Monterrey, Mexico. Can you sent me the your offer for an education license? One question, what differences exist between the educational license adn the official license? Thanks you!
  21. Hi Eduard I'm student from Viet Nam. Can you sent me the your offer for an education license? Thanks you!
  22. Also, out of curiosity is there a way to adjust the falloff for the metamesh stitch distance? I've attached an image.
  23. It also doesn't seem to make a difference where the roots spawn. Here's an image of me moving the roots higher and yet the bubble still appears. Hopefully this helps.
  24. It happens to all my models, specifically when roots are added anywhere near the base. I sent you a different model I'm working on right now that does the same thing. It's no big deal I can mask that area out and delete it, I was just hoping you'd have a solution.
  25. Here's the scene, thanks for taking a look Eduard! MetameshProblem.max
  26. Hi Terri, Yes of course it's possible. You can install several versions of GrowFX. Thanks!
  27. Hi there, Before installing anything and potentially causing computer confusion, I just wanted to check if it's possible to have more than one version of GrowFX installed on the same machine. The reason being this: I use 3DS Max 2014, but I want to test 2020, so I downloaded the trial. Can I install both growFX for 2014 and 2020 on the same machine? Thanks
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