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  3. Hello Usman, Yes, it seems possible to animate the Seed value, but it doesn't update during the animation, and it doesn't update the object. We'll fix this in the next upgrade. Thanks for your bug report! Now you can try using this script to create 10 models (for example): gfx = $ iseed = gfx.Seed for i = 1 to 10 do ( gfx.NewSeed() gfx.update() snapshot gfx ) gfx.Seed = iseed gfx.update() Thanks!
  4. I saw a video while back and cant find it again, but in that video a process was shown where you can animate growfx seed to frames and then export them to mesh by using Tools>Snapshot and using a range of how many different versions you want of a plant. But I cant seem to animate the seed now or I am not doing it properly. Can you please tell me if there is a way to do it.
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  6. Hi all, at first I just wanted to make myself a small utility to select GrowFX plants in a scene, and then I added functions to be able to modify characteristics in a list. Maybe there is already a utility that does this but I couldn't find it. In any case if there are those who want to test and make comments, do not hesitate ! I hope this can help users like this helps me. (only tested on Max 2021 but it should work also with other versions) Archimi_GrowFX_Lister.mcr
  7. Hello there, one more model I did today. Everyting modeled using grow fx without any instanced geo (leaves, etc).
  8. Caue

    Thunbergia erecta

    Hello there, a new model I did using GFx 1.99
  9. Would be great to be able to add an After Mesh Modifier Wind via script like in version 1 . Do you have any estimate when that would be implemented?
  10. Hello Yes, these methods don't work in version 2.0, because component indexes don't exist. Instead, we plan to add new methods that will work with nodes. Just in version 2.0 there are no components like in version 1.9.9, there is a single array of nodes. Thanks!
  11. I'm migrating some functions that work ok in 1.9+ to 2.0+ but i can't find the equivalent methods. What are in GrowFx2 the equivalent for these methods: getPath <path_index_integer> Returns the indexed path, index are 1-based. getDistributor <path_index_integer> <distributor_index_integer> Returns the indexed distributor for the specified path, indexes are 1-based. getModifier <path_index_integer> <modifier_index_integer> Returns the indexed modifier for the specified path, indexes are 1-based. getMeshBuilder <path_index_integer> <mesh_index_integer> Returns the indexed mesh builder for the specified path, indexes are 1-based. getAfterMeshModifier Cheers!
  12. Hi there, i am trying to animate an ivy using grow fx and 3ds max. Is there anyone here who is an expert? i really would need to ask some questions please GFX_IVY.avi
  13. Hi wallworm, Sorry for the delay! Oh, you need a new version, which we already have. I can send you an update. What version of 3dsMax do you have? Thanks!
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  15. Eduard, In this example, there is one GrowFX object using a Point Distributor. There are three point distributor Points that create the yellow cones. The objects that are created have a pivot that is where the GrowFX node was (world origin in this case). When I moved them away, notice how the pivot is not at the object base, but offset. I'd like the pivots to be where the original distributor spawn was (base of each cone). In the case of a point distributor, I'd like the position and orientation to match that of the point helper that the point distributor used. Hope this makes sense.
  16. But the pivot seems to be created where the object has its start, just like you wanted. Have you really checked this? Ok, we'll add a MaxScript method for this feature. Thanks!
  17. Awesome. I cannot believe I didn't notice that! I would like to propose an option to make that function have the ability to set the pivot/transform of each object to match the position/orientation of the distributor point that made each object? Right now the pivot matches the pivot of the GFX object, and this isn't ideal for assets exporting into a game. Also, is the method of that button exposed to MAXScript?
  18. Hi wallworm, Yes, you're right, there was a strange behavior of the created point when snaps are turned on. But we've fixed it and it will work fine in the next update. Thanks!
  19. Hi wallworm, Apologize for the delay in replying! There is already such a button in GrowFX 2.0: Create separate objects in the Preferences parameters rollout. It just creates separate objects as you want. Thanks!
  20. I was eventually able to fix it by creating a new GrowFX 2 object, copying the node information from the old object, and pasting it into the new one. It functions exactly the same as when I last saved it, so for all intents and purposes this issue is fixed. If you still need the scene for testing the error, I saved the new scene under a different filename. Just let me know and I can send you the file.
  21. Due to the damage of my operating system, I cannot get the deactivation code. I used my GrowFx registered email address (457441838@qq.com) to send two emails to support@exlevel.com, Can someone help me solve this problem? I cannot work
  22. Also, when I unlink the first red node with the blue one, and then re-attach it, the scene freezes for a few seconds and then hard-crashes (with the option to try to save the scenes before closing Max). Yeap, I tried numerous things (also tried rewiring one of the nodes at random with lines on instead of meshes). Just insta-crash. It feels as if this scene is somehow busted. Not what I hoped to see when re-installing GrowFX. I hope my scenes aren't just gone and I'd have to redo everything...
  23. I've renewed my GrowFX license for 2.0, and tried opening a scene I made more than a year ago. Upon opening the scene, however, it gives me the error as presented in the title. The GrowFX node still exist in the scene, and as far as I can tell the node information is all still there. It simply won't display the GrowFX nodes. I'm 100% confident that there was never an XRef file in the scene (I don't work with XRef). I need this scene to function properly again to generate new variants and lower poly ones as well. Is there a way to get this functional again? Thanks in advance!
  24. Excellent work!
    Thank you!

  25. Thanks for the member ptrain03's answer, it's helpful and useful. I usually make the low/high poly version 3ds max, then a detail pass performed in zbrush., add surface details (using layers to keep it non-destructive), decimate the finished model, then export it for baking in substance painter. I use a mouse with 3ds max, and use a xp-pen deco pro drawing pad for things like Photoshop, substance painte and Zbrush. it's great for freehand drawing.
  26. Option for Inputs to be flipped to the other side of the node is really needed Eduard. Mid range and complex setups fall into mess incredibly fast with the current wiring. going further for better node ui is to get pin points (houdini ref)
  27. Здравствуйте, коллеги. С плагином знаком крайне плохо, но бегло пошурстив ютуб пример реализации не нашел. Подскажите пожалуйста, есть ли возможность плагином оголить дерево? Дерево само собой сделанное в GrowFX. Или надо смотреть в сторону частиц в максе? Заранее благодарен за ответ.
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