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  2. Hi all, First of what a wonderful program! Really love the node view and the option to create different versions of models with multiple seeds. At the moment I am trying to create some houseplant to use in our interior scenes. One of the things I noticed is that a lot of houseplants have concave petioles (branches). See images attached of a Monstrea, together with a beautiful cross section drawing. As you also see in the photos the concave part stops at about 1/3 on the petiole. Does anyone has a tip or workflow to create these concave parts?
  3. Hi there, I'm using GFX 1.99 and testing out 2.0. I've been trying out the CreateSeparateSplines() command in 2.0 now. It seems to be working well, but is it possible to update this command (or make a new one?) to also maintain the hierarchy of all paths? It would be complex hierarchy for sure, but it'd be so much easier than recreating the hierarchy by hand -- which is crazy I know! The command currently creates a flat list of everything. Keeping the hierarchy would be super useful! Cheers, John
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  5. Hi Krapton, it looks like you specified absolute length for your U. So your map is wrapping all the way around and reaching the end of the mesh before your next tile. You could either not use an absolute width, or just adjust the width downwards until it aligns.
  6. Hi wsk, It looks like you just need to start out with a "distributor" distributor instead of a "Path" distributor. You have to start with a "distributor" because your first path doesn't have any other paths to be distributed upon.
  7. Thanks ptrain03, This tree is in many scenes we created so it makes no sense why it wouldn't work all of a sudden. We found a fix by just installing version 2.0. After installing that version it worked again.
  8. Hi, nobody can answer?
  9. Not sure what's going on with the tree, but if you need to get the file open you could just make a new Max file and merge in all the objects except that tree. Then you could merge the problem tree into a separate file and see if it will open by itself. You might have to simplify the tree, but at least this way you will not loose your work. I have run across this several times with larger meshes, but sometimes it hangs on smaller ones as well.
  10. The file we have been working on for 3 days now will not open anymore, just gets stuck on GrowFX Progress while loading 3dsmax File. All the trees were done on day 1, I don't understand why we have issues with loading the trees now. Always gets stuck on this tree, makes no sense why.
  11. Hello, I have been getting a weird seam/hard edge issue while using the UVW Mapping. I want to know how to combat it or what is causing it. Only appears when I'm using/Activate the U-coordinate(I've tried with numerous seamless textures) Thankyou
  12. Hello. I am interested in Growfx for learning . i would like to register for student license. Thank you
  13. Hi, I'm using GrowFX 1.9.9 (Service pack 10) in 3dsmax 2021, when create the Growfx in the scene, there haven't lines or meshes in the scene, the unit Calc is 1cm. How to solve this? Thanks.
  14. Hi ! When GrowFX 2.0 BETA was released - I bought it. Some months ago - I wanted to install it on 3ds max 2021 and was told that my license had expired and that I needed to buy a maintenance subscription. (although it was was not mentioned at all when I upgraded ) - I declined and GrowFX agreed to refund my money. When I wanted to install the previous version 1.99 - It told me that the serial I have is invalid. I read that the software may be used even if I am not using the maintenance plan. Why can't I get it to work ? Cheers Nir
  15. V47_pink tree_full flower.max
  16. i am trying to modify a tree using maxtree tree , turning al leaves into flowers , however it take very long time just to generate the path (line mode) , when i turn to mesh mode , it crash
  17. Perfekt!! i know working with nodes is different , but script access makes your plugin more powerfull and even more complete!! thank you Eduard
  18. We'll try to restore these MaxScript functions, but maybe it will change and will work as with nodes. It's just that the system has been completely changed, and now instead of different components we've nodes of different types with continuous numbering. Thanks!
  19. didn`t test it very well till now, but i was able to import high resolution trees, in my test i had very good performance tested with a 1,5 mill poly tree done 400 instances.
  20. are you able to get good performance in unreal with full polygon trees using nanite?
  21. Hello again, i'm proud to share with you my latest project - Office Towers Qatar. All images are full CG, no shortcuts taken. I used GrowFX in this project to create lush ivy on train station walls and perforated structures on the plaza. GrowFX gave me opportunity to create fast and efficient naturally looking greenery. Whole project done in 3dsmax, rendered with Vray NEXT. Behance project - https://www.behance.net/gallery/120531665/Offices-Towers-Qatar I hope you enjoy. Cheers Bartek
  22. i found a solution to get the pivots and some suboptimal Pivot orientation , which i`m able to export to unreal !! now testing and fixxing things... i need access to the visibility of a path.. is there any script access function for this? some of my cylinder meshbuilders have parent thickness, if i disable them i have another result... visibility access would fix this (using the old growfx ) additional in grow fx2 is there any posibility to get acccess to those nodes? $.getNumPaths() $.getMeshBuilder 1 1 and all these good thing
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