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  3. Good day, when I merge an existing 3ds max file which contains an already set up tree with all the wind setting into a new 3ds max, an error appears that says, Grow fx error. Node of this object in NULL! After pressing ok a number of times the file doesnt merge. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. Using 3ds max 2017,vray 3.4 and grow fx. Cheers Dylan
  4. Hello I have a weird result using metamesh and gradient as displacement: As you can see it is "bumpy" for some reason. I tried to change tiling, but that does not affect this issue.
  5. Some problem, hope we can update for use multi core.
  6. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Thanks! Another greenery :) Rosmarinus and Genista
  7. Hi Eduard, Thanks for the help, unfortunately this only half works, 3 of the 6 trees are screwed up with the after mesh wind modifiers, basically it seems to explode the trees into all directions, very strange. You can only tell this when you render the scene and not from the viewport display. I wonder what's causing this? I wondered if it could be meta-meshes instead of cylinder mesh but it isn't, I also turned off optimise mesh, it's not that either. Any thoughts? Thanks
  8. Hello Eduard, will there be a collision modifier in the upcoming version or is it still in progress? I hope we will get this feature soon. It would be fantastic. Thanks.
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  10. Hi Jason, I checked your file, and all trees works fine in the version 1.9.9 SP8, here you can see my screenshot: As you can see, I also copied all the Wind modifiers into AfterMeshModifiers. In this case, wind calculations are much faster. I sent you an update, and soon we'll release this version. Thanks!
  11. Hi Eduard, I'm having trouble getting the flat look of an Acacia tree. Do you have any advice how to achieve this look?




  12. I've attached the trees. Something seems to get corrupted when you do some work on the trees, I've got the ones from Maxtree Vol 12 in the scene. I'm adding some wind which is now just about working ok, I'm going through the 7 different types of trees I have on the site and alas it's let me do 2 varieties no problem but it has now corrupted again. What is happening is it seems to get stuck on GrowFX creating the tree and just hangs, it's completely random and not repeatable. Thanks for the help, I was wondering if there are any tips for having 6 or 7 trees in the model, does it become unworkable in your experience? I'm using 3dsmax 2019. trees_for_exlevel.max
  13. Hi jasonluckett, Can you send me your max-file? Thanks!
  14. Hi Nik, This thread may help you: https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/603-preparing-a-tree-with-wind-for-forest-pack/
  15. Hi Terri, What is your 3dsMax version? Thanks!
  16. Hi Eduard, I have that issue on occasion. Please can you send me the update (if it's different from SP7). Thanks
  17. Hi guys, I'm getting a lot of stuck on progress in GrowFX, in so much as I'm having to go to older files that are working. For the most part it's been working well although the GrowFX progress bar creation is extremely slow. When I'm opening a file it just gets stuck on this (attachment image)... The current error kicked off when I turned some branches on from this tree, all showing as lines to keep it quick. I was hoping to use some wind on the trees but this seems to cause crashes and these bugs arise quite frequently. I had an animation recently which I had to give up using the wind because of this. Any help appreciated.
  18. ptrain03

    3dmentor's plants

    beautiful !
  19. Only manually... Weld vertices and unwrap textures correctly
  20. mentor

    3dmentor's plants

    Eucalyptus tree
  21. Is it possible to export a growfx model in a format that will keep the leaves as instances. It's for blender, so possibly alembic will be the only choice? Cheers Michael.
    Thank you very much Eduard for this beautiful tree
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