General questions on Using GrowFX:

Q. How can I render my scenes with GrowFX objects on the renderfarm?
A. After making a purchase, you can also download the special version - GrowFX rendernode, which you can install to any number of your render nodes or networked workstations. This version has no user interface and does not require activation.
Q. How do I animate the growth of plants?
A. You need to configure the animation of the main path length (plant stems), and the length of all other branches must depend on this length. Use the "Affects" settings, which define the influence of some parameters on others. Try to influence the length of branches from the main path by using "Parameter: Length".
Q. How do I set up the "Affects" parameters correctly?
A. In the "Affects" window, add a parameter you want to influence by selecting it from the list of available parameters. Then set up the desired range of the influencing parameter labeled as "Source parameter range". The next step is to enable the "Factor graph" to make the Factor changeable. As you do so, the "0" mark on the graph will correspond to the initial value of "Source parameter range", and the "100" mark will correspond to the final value respectively. If you influence using "Parameter: Surface" from "Surface distributor", you need to use "Factor map", rather than "Factor" and use texture as a changeable coefficient. Texture can be black and white, where black areas correspond to the coefficient value "0" and white correspond to "1".
Q. How do I make the branches grow smoothly when I animate the growth of plants?
A. As a rule, the length of branches is shorter when they are closer to the top of the plant. Therefore, you need to set up the influence from the distributor of branches on to the length of these branches, specifically from "Parameter: Path position". As you do so, you need to set up the graph for the "Factor" parameter to make it go down from some value (for example, "1.0") to "0". As a result, the length of branches closer to the top will go to "0", which will make them grow smoothly during the stem growth.
Q. Is there any other way to use the "Affects" feature?
A. You can use this feature any way. For example, you can use "Affects" to add chaotic behavior to the parameter. To do so, set up the influence on this parameter without changing the "Factor" value. Simply change the "Chaos %" value. This way we set the random distribution of values on the desired percent for the required parameter.
Q. How do I create needles for conifer plants?
A. You can create leaves using the "Standard leaves" option. Just select the rectangle and set the "Length/Width" proportion to be equal to "15", for example. Besides, you need to set the path length, to make it equal approximately to the length of a needle and specify the same value for the path step. The plant will be calculated quickly, and the needles will have the least number of faces. Please see the picture:

Purchasing & Licensing FAQ

Q. How can I buy the full version of GrowFX?
A. You can use any method of payment supported by our e-commerce partners - PayPro Global or Avangate. If you have any problems, please contact us at sales@exlevel.com.
Q. I made the purchase. When do I get the full version of GrowFX?
A. Once you have completed your ordering process, you will receive your Serial number and instructions to download the software. It will be displayed right in your browser and sent via e-mail as well. Using this Serial number you will be able to activate our product and start using it right away.
Q. How can I get an invoice for my purchase?
A. After completing the order, you will receive an invoice from PayPro Global or Avangate, with the confirmation e-mail.
Q. How do I activate the full version of GrowFX?

A. Once GrowFX is installed, you'll need to activate it. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Run 3ds Max.

2. Create a GrowFX object. This will open the activation window.

3. Select the most suitable activation type:

  • a) Automatic activation. Enter your name, serial number and click the Activate button. Activation takes place automatically.
  • b) Online activation. Fill in the form at activate.exlevel.com. Enter your name, serial number, personal code, and click "Get activation code". Enter the activation code and click the Activate button.
  • c) Activation by Email. Send an e-mail with your name, serial number and personal code to support@exlevel.com. Then you will get an activation code. Enter the activation code and click the Activate button.
Q. I'm going to upgrade my PC. How do I transfer my GrowFX license to the new computer?

A. To transfer the license, run Deactivate.exe in the installation folder, or click on Start -> All programs -> Exlevel -> GrowFX for 3dsMaxXXXX XX-bit -> Deactivate.

Select the most suitable deactivation type:

  • a) Automatic deactivation.
    Click the DEACTIVATE button and the deactivation code will be automatically sent to the server.
  • b) Manual deactivation.
    Click the DEACTIVATE button, you will get the deactivation code. Then fill in the form at deactivate.exlevel.com. Enter your deactivation code, and click the Deactivate button. Or, send an e-mail with your Deactivation code to support@exlevel.com.
    Then you will be able to re-activate GrowFX on the new PC.

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