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GrowFX is suited to which types of render engines?

27 May 2011 - 05:02 AM

I am a total newbie to 3D, plunging in, but barely have the vocabulary. If I mess up, please correct me, I will not take offense, and it is better to be corrected and wiser than wading in mistakes! ... I am certain I will make a few blunders, it is almost inevitable.

I am learning ray-tracing rendering currently.
All my ideas are set out of doors, and good foliage is a must!
I use 3DS, and some other programs ... learning 3Ds now.
I wish to use the ray-tracing render engines ... I will be getting a CUBIX box to assist for animations.

Does this product present to the render engine a modeled, and textured "object" (say each leaf), or a placard with an image on it, and transparency mapping (as is favored for the gaming industry)?
or .. perchance does it do both?

Thanks for any help, and "nice gallery"!!
I hope if you do not have "presets" you may put them in a later version?

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