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In Topic: GrowFX is suited to which types of render engines?

28 May 2011 - 09:08 AM


GrowFX is a plugin for modeling and animating plants for 3dsMax, and it doesn't rendering engine. For rendering, you can use any other plugin or integrated renderer in 3dsMax. Or use other applications, but for this you need to convert your model to another format.
GrowFX creates a full-fledged model of trees (as you said: textured object with each leaf), and it doesn't create a placard with an image on it.

Thanks for your interest in our product!


Thank you Eduard,

So it is good for ray trace renderers!! Awesome!!
I refer you to the CUBIX box for this kind of rendering on a regular PC.

Now, how many kinds of plants / trees can it make? Grasses and bushes as well as trees? (Three, six and nine nodes I read of already.)

To be honest (which is also to be fair) .. I am comparing your product with 'Carbon Scatter' by e-on .. there is about $20 difference in price .. so I wonder what are the differences in the product offerings. ...

Carbon Scatter comes with 100 built in plants which can be re-configured -- can be grown with fractal algorithms if you wish to do so. They also will randomize on their own, if you choose that.

If in Russia you sell the models of GrowFX trees as a package, could we have an option to buy that here, and what is the cost?

eon and VUE are highly thought of, and are used in the US movie industry.
I would like, however to give an opportunity to a new start up company which is on the ball, and working on it's products .. that would be you guys.

Please advise me of the breadth of the program's ability and the depth of its offerings so I can make a choice.

On another note, I did download the "examples" which will "only open the cage" in Max .. and not an image (unless the image is very, very small and I could not see it?).
I did get the free Demo ... have not installed it yet .. I hope it will make the difference.

Thank you,

P.S. If you have a gifted artist sitting around with time on his hands, consider making a fire plug in .. because Phoenix Fire Plug-in is very, very expensive!!

In Topic: My trees :)

27 May 2011 - 04:55 AM

Thanks for sharing.

So ... if you already have 300+ trees, do you sell 'sets of "presets" for trees'?

... So that others can make one-click trees while they are learning the ropes of Virtual 3D gardening and tree-man-ship?
The one-click (but still editable) preset is a wonderful thing to have for any plug-in ... or any complex program.

You offering had good reviews in some of the 3D forums, I am glad I checked you out!!

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